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Fall Demo Day is coming soon!

Event Overview:
Demo day is the perfect introduction to our organization for physics teachers of any level. At demo day we share demonstrations, labs, and other fun ideas we have put into place in our classrooms. You can come to bounce some ideas off of educators outside of your own school setting.

When: Early October
Where: Temple University
Cost: Free for new members or visitors. Dues for renewing members is only $10.

Coffee, bagels and fruit will be available beginning at half an hour before event starts
(donations towards refreshments would be welcome, but are not required)
Optional lunch to follow at your own cost.

This event is worth Act 48 credits; please, bring your PPID number along.

Equipment on site includes, but is not limited to: Vernier interfaces and proves (motion detectors, photogates, thermometers, etc.), Mac or PC available, and standard physics classroom equipment (van de Graff generators, aligator clip wires, multimeters, carts and tracks, etc.).

AAPT / SEPS Membership
Please join us or renew your membership by mailing $10.00 to:

Art Zadronzny
Tresasurer SEPS/AAPT
16 Painters Lane
Chesterbrook, PA 19087
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