Physical Models of Living Systems, Errata

"Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -- Albert Einstein
This list will grow as errata are found. I'll be grateful to hear of any errors not already on this list.
Thanks, Philip Nelson

Big corrections:

Page 225, Fig 9.12, line 3 of the caption: change: "Unlike the lac repressor system, TrpR binding permits the repressor..." to "Unlike in the lac repressor system, binding of tryptophan (the effector) to its repressor permits the repressor..."
Later in that same caption, the parenthetical remark: change "must bind to the repressor in order to turn on the gene" to "must bind to the repressor in order to turn off the gene"

Clarifications and small corrections:

Page 14: change: "Writing the number produced as N_I, where" to "Writing the number produced per time as N_I, where"
Problem 3.11 (Smoking and cancer): All probabilities in (a) refer to American males in 1993.
Page 84 Fig 4.7 caption: change: "If it arises early (second diagram)" to "If it arises early (last diagram)"
On page 95, Problem 4.14b: "n=200" should be replaced by "n_0=200".
Page 101, Your Turn 5a: The abbreviation FWHM is defined in Fig 5.1.
Page 154, Fig 7.1 caption: change: "dragging the red bundle rightward" to "dragging the orange bundle rightward"
Page 118, Figure 5.8: The vertical axis label should use the symbol for pdf, not the symbol for discrete distribution.
On page 221--223, Equation 9.15: f(c) should be replaced by f(c)/V, where V is the volume of the cell. Equation 9.16 and following formulas: Gamma should be replaced by Gamma/V . This is consistent with equation 10.7, which is correct.
Page 247, the worked Example: change "associated linear problem" to "associated homogeneous problem."
On page 287, bottom of the page: change "cyclin B1" to "the cyclin in complex Q".

Spelling etc:

Page 310, footnote 2: change "F. Jenkins" to "F. Jenkin".
Numerical Values appendix: The site was not avavailable when last checked. This site is also referenced in "To the Student."