From Photon to Neuron, Errata

"If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by adequate error." --- John Kenneth Galbraith

Errata to the first edition, 2017:
Page 9, after 0.27: "If M is much larger than 1" should add ", and xi is much smaller than 1".
Page 11, Fig. 0.3: The data shown in (a) are similar to, but not exactly the same as, those shown in (b,c). Also, only nine bins are shown in (b,c), not ten as stated. A corrected version of this figure is available here.
Page 77, Fig. 2.12a: on the horizontal axis label, "-10" should be "-100."
Page 110, Fig. 3.2, lower right: The green trace along the horizontal axis should not be there. The intensity of light reflected from green paper has a peak. Also, better quality data have been obtained. The revised figure is available here.
Page 142, problem 3.3a: The sentence with the word "confirm" is strictly true, but the symbol beta appearing twice in it refers to a quantity that we have elsewhere been calling 1/beta.
Page 220, Your Turn 6C: As in preceding examples, continue to assume L0 and d are of order 1 m while the aperture width is 1 cm.
Page 382, sect. 12.2.1: "special case of Newton's SECOND law."
Page 420, sect. 14.3.2, very last line on page: The expression (d_D . d_A) should be replaced by (d_D . d_A - 3(d_D . r)(d_A . r)), where r is the unit vector along the separation direction.

Spelling etc.

Gustav Kirchhoff's name is misspelled in multiple places.

Errata to the Student's Guide to Python:
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