From Photon to Neuron, Errata to the first edition, 2017

"If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by adequate error." --- John Kenneth Galbraith


Page 9, after 0.27: "If M is much larger than 1" should add ", and xi is much smaller than 1".
Page 11, Fig. 0.3: The data shown in (a) are similar to, but not exactly the same as, those shown in (b,c). Also, only nine bins are shown in (b,c), not ten as stated. A corrected version of this figure is available here.
Page 28: "...This behavior implies that light consists of a random stream of something that creates highly localized effects": This conclusion does not follow from what has been said so far. As outlined in track-2 section 1.3.3', the key evidence is that states of light can be prepared for which the streams of blips from two different detectors are anticorrelated, as if localized, indivisible objects were forced to "choose" between landing on one or the other [Pearson, B. J. and Jackson, D. P. (2010). American Journal of Physics, 78(5), 471--484.].
Page 77, Fig. 2.12a: on the horizontal axis label, "-10" should be "-100."
Sentence below Eqn. 2.3: a factor of r should be removed on the right side of the formula.
Page 110, Fig. 3.2, lower right: The green trace along the horizontal axis should not be there. The intensity of light reflected from green paper has a peak. Also, better quality data have been obtained. The revised figure is available here.
Page 382, sect. 12.2.1: "special case of Newton's SECOND law."
Page 420, sect. 14.3.2, very last line on page: The expression (d_D . d_A) should be replaced by (d_D . d_A - 3(d_D . r)(d_A . r)), where r is the unit vector along the separation direction.


Page 142, problem 3.3a: The sentence with the word "confirm" is strictly true, but the symbol beta appearing twice in it refers to a quantity that we have elsewhere been calling 1/beta.
Page 201, Fig 5.13: The eye icon should be replaced by a projection screen. We are considering illumination that lands at a particular place, not creating an image of the light source.
Page 202 problem 5.3d: "say 1/4 of the value you found in (c)."
Page 214, Fig 6.4 caption: The distance from source to lens was 1 meter. The distance from lens to screen was either (1/3) meter (solid line, not 0.33), or 0.4 meter (dashed line).
Page 218, Your Turn 6C: make your estimates assuming the "camera" geometry, that is: L0 and d are both around 1 meter and the lens diameter is about 1 cm.
Page 303: "sideways illumination" should cite Fig 9.7, not 9.8.

Spelling etc.

Gustav Kirchhoff's name is misspelled in multiple places.

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