Physics 230 Sample Demo List

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  1. a list of demos most often used by physics faculty teaching introductory courses
  2. a list of movies and video tapes owned by the department
  3. A typical selection of demos and movies for Physics 5, Physics 8, Physics 9, Physics 21, Physics 101, Physics 102, Physics 150, Physics 151.

This page lists lecture demonstrations and movies selected in the recent past by Physics 230 instructors. It should be treated only as an approximate guide and aid to course planning; individual instructors will almost certainly follow a slightly different schedule, ignore some of these demos and use others.

Choose the appropriate time frame to see suggested choices for that period: Weeks 1-2, Weeks 3-4, Weeks 5-6, Weeks 7-8, Weeks 9-10, Weeks 11-12, Weeks 13-14, Week 15.

Weeks 1-2

Weeks 3-4

Weeks 5-6

Weeks 7-8

Weeks 9-10

Weeks 11-12

Weeks 13-14

Week 15

For more information or to schedule a lab demo contact Rich Mitchell, phone 898-8192

See also the Undergraduate Lab Page

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