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What we do.

Research in our lab is focused on the exploration of nanoscale and mesoscopic structures with the emphasis on nanoelectronics and related quantum mechanical effects that arise when electrons are confined in small volumes. The systems that we study include nanocrystals of various shapes and forms, nanowires and biomaterials. The experimental techniques involve nanocrystal synthesis and characterization, low-noise and variable-temperature electrical measurements, single-particle fluorescence microscopy, atomic and electric force microscopy. Our experiments require sophisticated equipment and many demanding skills (from making materials and doing chemistry, to making functional devices using solid-state techniques and then performing physical measurements and operating various machinery). To make our science possible and self-contained, we develop our own materials and enabling technologies and expand the horizons of nanotechnology from both the physics and chemistry perspectives. Most importantly, this research is fun and relevant.

We are seeking postdoc applications from outstanding candidates to join our effort on the advancement of fundamental science of ion/biomolecule/nanopore systems and the development of new sequencing technologies based on nanopores in graphene-based and silicon nitride-based platforms. Expertise in nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, transmission electron microscopy, electrical measurements with nanopores and microfluidics, biological sample preparation and handling, is a plus. Please send your interest to Prof. Drndić at drndic@physics.upenn.edu.

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