ABO Seminars: "Noncontact Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy and Tomography of Deep Tissue Hemodynamics for Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring"

Thu, 12/03/2015 - 12:00 - 13:00
Guoqiang Yu (University of Kentucky)

Near-infrared diffuse correlation spectroscopy or tomography (DCS/DCT) is a relatively new techniques for measuring/imaging microvascular hemodynamics in a variety of deep/thick tissues. Most DCS/DCT measurements use optical fibers in contact with tissues for photon emission and collection and often require the compression of tissue that can introduce significant distortions in tissue hemodynamics. In this presentation, several noncontact DCS/DCT systems using lens-focusing technique will be introduced, which allow for 3-D imaging of hemodynamic distributions in deep tissues without the need of probe-tissue contact. Our noncontact DCS/DCT systems have been tested using computer simulations and tissue-like phantoms. Results from our pilot studies using these noninvasive technologies in human tissues with diseases (e.g., breast tumors, head and neck tumors, free tissue transfer flaps) have demonstrated great potential for tumor diagnosis as well as early prediction of treatment outcomes.    


Donner Building 3400 Spruce Street Donner Auditorium, Basement *Pizza served at 11:45am*