ABO Seminars: "Insights Into Hallmarks of Early Carcinogenesis Using Nanoscale-sensing Optical Microscopy"

Thu, 04/07/2016 - 12:00 - 13:10
Vadim Backman (Northwestern University)

Initiation of carcinogenesis is accompanied by alterations in tumor microenvironment, cellular metabolism and epigenetics. Understanding these early events depends on our ability to image these subtle nanoarchitectural and functional processes. The talk discusses a suit of novel in vivo and in vitro optical imaging techniques that have recently been developed to quantify intracellular and tissue morphology at the nanoscale and provide high-resolution imaging of metabolism and microangiography. The techniques have shown promise as a new platform for highly sensitive, cost-effective and non-invasive colon cancer screening and prognostication, which is enabled by the detection of field carcinogenesis via the analysis of the nanoscale organization of chromatin in pre-neoplastic cells. 

Donner Building 3400 Spruce Street Donner Auditorium, Basement *Pizza served at 11:45am*