Academic Career Conference Non-faculty Careers in Higher Education for PhDs Event

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 12:00 - 13:30
· Melanie Adley, Ph.D. - Associate Director, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Program and the Alice Paul Center, University of Pennsylvania · Ian Petrie, Ph.D. - Senior Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Pennsylvania

The goal of this panel is to discuss diverse career pathways for PhDs, including ways that PhDs can engage in research and teaching beyond traditional tenure track faculty positions. Speakers on this panel have doctorates and are engaged in varying amounts of research and teaching, though they are not employed in tenure track positions.  Join us for this dynamic panel on tenure and diverse career paths for PhDs! You may register for this event by clicking here.


This event is co-sponsored by Career Services and the Vice Provost for Education as part of the Academic Career Conference Series. You can find a list of the full of ACC programs by viewing our calendar page.       

University of Pennsylvania: Annenberg School, Room 110