Advances in Biomedical Optics: "Theranostics Towards Point of Care Applications"

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:00
Israel Gannot (Johns Hopkins University and Tel-Aviv University)

My lab has been active developing Theranostics methods that utilize the advantages of different modalities for a synergetic combination for optimized clinical treatment. A main theme of the lab is bringing the treatment to a point of care setting and preferably in outpatient clinics and even at home. We believe in a low cost, portable yet very powerful solutions to deliver good and effective healthcare treatment to various areas around the globe and in remote rural locations where high end very expensive instrumentations and methodologies are not affordable. Various applications for Cancer, Infectious diseases and Alzheimer’s will be presented and discussed.

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Prof. Israel Gannot is faculty in Tel-Aviv University and Johns Hopkins University. He held a National Academy of Sciences post-doctoral fellowship. He has been a senior visiting researcher at the FDA, NIH and NIST and a visiting professor at George Washington University. He was BME department chair in the years 2009-2011. Prof.

Gannot is a fellow of SPIE, ASLMS and AIMBE. 35 students received their graduate degrees under his supervision. He authored 70 peer reviewed scientific papers, 90 proceeding papers, 14 book chapters, Biophotonics Books Series editor for McGraw-Hill, and 16 patents.

Prof. Gannot is  a Co-founder and CEO of Opticul Diagnostics. A biotechnology company, developing instant bacteria detection instruments.


*These seminars are supported by the Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy Laboratory, the Center for Magnetic Resonance and Optical  Imaging, the Department of Radiology and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania.

Organizers: Wesley Baker, Jeff Cochran, Bryan Chong, Tiffany Ko, and Arjun Yodh,

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