LRSM Celebrates 50th Birthday

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 08:00 - 21:30

May 2012

LRSM @ 50

LRSM 50th PosterOn May 4 the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM) celebrated its 50th Birthday with a memorable event that attracted over 220 attendees from around the world. The celebratory symposium and dinner combined historical recollections with the current research at the LRSM. Our department featured prominently in the day-long Symposium, which included speakers from current faculty, Arjun Yodh (LRSM Director), Randall Kamien, Andrea Liu, Jay Kikkawa, Tom Lubensky and Charlie Kane. The event also attracted range of venerable Penn Physics faculty and student alumni from the last 50 years, including speakers Eli Burstein (LRSM founder), Ward Plummer (former Director), Don Langenberg (former Director), Paul Chaikin, Paul Steinhardt, Yung Woo Park, Ken Singer, and Cristian Staii.


50th Anniversary Symposium Itinerary

Friday, May 4, 2012     8:00 am Registration and breakfast  (Reading Room, LRSM)     9:00 am Welcome (Auditorium , LRSM)   Arjun G.Yodh, Director,  LRSM, University of Pennsylvania   Vincent Price, Provost, University of Pennsylvania   Steven J. Fluharty, Senior Vice Provost for Research, University of Pennsylvania     9:20 am Birth of the LRSM (Original PIs)   Elias Burstein, Physics, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania   Robert Maddin, Materials Science & Engineering, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania     Robert E. Hughes, Chemistry, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University     9:35 am IRG 2 - Biologically-inspired Janus-dendrimer Assemblies   Daniel Hammer, Bioengineering & Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering   Virgil Percec, Chemistry     9:50 am IRG 1 - Geometric Routes to Soft Assembly and Dynamics   Randall Kamien, Physics and Astronomy
  Kathleen Stebe, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering     10:05 am Break- Coffee in Reading Room, Group Photo at Entrance to LRSM     10:35 am Former Directors’ Forum   E. Ward Plummer, Louisiana State University   Gregory  C. Farrington, Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences   David White, Professor of Chemistry   Donald N. Langenberg, University of Maryland   Louis A. Girifalco, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering   + contributions from   Alan J. Heeger, UC, Santa Barbara   Michael L. Klein, Temple University     11:15 am  IRG 3 - Mechanical Failure of Disordered Packings   Robert Carpick, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, and
Andrea Liu, Physics and Astronomy     11:30 am IRG 4 - Controlled Function in Inter-dimensional Materials   Cherie Kagan, Electrical and Systems  Engineering
Jay Kikkawa, Physics and Astronomy     11:45 am Outreach   Andrew R. McGhie, Associate Director, LRSM     11:50 am Topological Insulators   Charles Kane, Professor, Physics and Astronomy     12:15 pm Lunch (Reading Room)     1:30 pm Materials Science and Engineering at the LRSM   Peter K. Davies, Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)   Dawn A. Bonnell, Professor, MSE, and Director, Nano / Bio Interface Center   Charles McMahon, Professor Emeritus, MSE   Vaclav Vitek, Professor, MSE     2:00 pm Materials Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics   Robin M. Hochstrasser, Professor, Chemistry   William A. Eaton, National Institutes of Health   Angus Bain, University College London, UK     2:30 pm Biomaterials   Dennis E. Discher, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering     2:45 pm Carbon-based Materials   Karen I. Winey, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering     3:00 pm Break     3:30 pm Materials Physics   Yung Woo Park, Seoul National University (Conducting Polymers)   Paul A. Chaikin, New York University   Tom C. Lubensky, Professor of Physics and Astronomy  (Soft Matter)   Paul J. Steinhardt, Princeton University (Quasicrystals)     4:30 pm General Session (Open)   Kenneth Singer, Case Western Reserve University   Cristian Staii, Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University   Miroslav Hodak, North Carolina State University   + Contributions from the audience     5:30 pm End of Symposium     6:00 pm Reception, Hall of Flags, Houston Hall     7:00 pm Dinner,  Hall of Flags, Houston Hall       After dinner Speakers   Richard Schultz, Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences   Eduardo D. Glandt, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science   And contributions from the audience     9:30 pm End