Past Events

  • Astro Seminar: "Early Weak Lensing Results from the Dark Energy Survey"

    DRL A6

    Mike Jarvis (UPenn)

    I will present some of the recent results from the weak lensing analysis of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) science verification data. The science verification (SV) data used the same telescope and camera as the full DES is using, but the data were taken the year prior to the start of the DES.  I will present some of the suite of null tests we used to look for systematic errors in the shear values, showing that the shear catalogs are reliable enough to use for science.  Then I will show some science results from these data including mass maps, cosmology constraints, and troug

  • Welcome Incoming Students

    DRL, Graduate Student Lounge, 3E9

  • Condensed Matter Seminar: "Bending Rules in Graphene Kirigami"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

    Gene Mele (University of Pennsylvania)

    The three dimensional shapes of graphene sheets produced by nanoscale cut-and--join kirigami are studied by combining large-scale atomistic modelling with continuum elastic theory. Lattice segments are selectively removed from a flat graphene sheet and the structure is allowed to close and reconstruct by relaxing in the third dimension. The surface relaxation is limited by a nonzero bending modulus which produces a smoothly modulated landscape instead of the ridge-and-plateau motif found in macroscopic lattice kirigami.

  • Linkedin Picture Tour

    3601 Walnut Street Penn Bookstore, 2nd Floor

    Come by to get your free Professional Headshot taken by Linkedin reps! 

  • Postponed Exams

    DRL, Room A8

  • First Day of Classes

  • Lab Teaching Assistants Orientation

    DRL 3W2

  • *Special Topology Seminar*: "Topological Soft Matter"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

    Slobodan Žumer

    We use the term “topological soft matter” for systems with stable defects in the orientational order-parameter field. In nematogenic liquid crystals the effects of confining geometry, chirality, or interplay of both may lead to frustration and consequently to stable or metastable disclinations and solitonic deformations. Recently a lot of attention has been devoted to blue phases and confined & colloidal nematics.

  • Dissertation Defense: "Chirality and its spontaneous symmetry breaking in two liquid crystal systems"

    DRL Room 3W2

    Louis Kang

  • Dissertation Defense: "Deformation of Two-dimensional Amorphous Granular Packings"

    Singh Building, Room 313

    Jennifer Rieser