Past Events

  • Dissertation Defense: Towards Constraints on the Epoch of Reionization

    DRL 3W2

    Matt Malloy

  • World Science Festival: "Time Is of The Essence... or Is It?" (Day 2)

    John Jay College, Gerald W. Lynch Theater 524 W 59th St. (between 10th & 11th Avenue), New York, NY 10019

    David Z. Albert, Vijay Balasubramanian, Carlo Rovelli, Lee Smolin

    What is time? The question has preoccupied philosophers and scientists for centuries. Isaac Newton described time as absolute, but Einstein proved that time is relative, and, shockingly, that time and space are intricately interwoven. Now recent work in string theory and quantum gravity suggests that space and time may not be fundamental. Much as matter is made of molecules and atoms, other, more exotic entities may be the constituents of space and time.

  • World Science Festival Event: "Until The End of Time" (Day 1)

    NYU Global Center, Grand Hall 238 Thompson St. (5th Floor), New York, NY 10003

    Vijay Balasubramanian, Janna Levin, Lee Smolin

    Could time as we know it come to an end? Does the very question blow your mind a little? Come with us to explore this idea by examining the Big Bang and the mysteries of black holes, where, according to the laws of physics, time itself comes to an abrupt halt. And if you're wondering how physical laws operating within time can predict the end of time, join leading physicists and cosmologists for this intriguing conversation.

  • Special Astro Seminar: Magneto Is Not A Hero: "The Galactic Magnetic Field and the Formation of Density Structures in the Interstellar Medium as Revealed by Planck"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory Room 4E19

    Juan Diego Soler (IAS)

    Planck has produced the first all-sky map of the polarized emission from dust at submillimeter wavelengths. Compared with earlier ground-based and balloon-borne observations this survey is an immense step forward in sensitivity, coverage, and statistics.

  • ABO Seminar: Photomedicine: 3 Examples From Bench to Bedside

    Donner Auditorium, Basement, Donner Building, 3400 Spruce Street

    Professor Hubert van den Bergh (Photomedicine group Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL))

    I will discuss 3 developments from the basics to widespread clinical application, in which light is used for detecting disease, and for treating disease. The first case is the development of an auto-fluorescence bronchoscope used for the early detection of bronchial cancer. The second topic is the development of the drug HEXVIX (CYSVIEW in the US), for the early detection and quantitative removal of bladder cancer.
  • The ARTacama Project | Panel Discussion and Tour

    CHARLES ADDAMS FINE ARTS GALLERY Charles Addams Hall 200 S. 36th Street Philadelphia, PA

    (Project of the Experimental Cosmlogy Lab, hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy) 

    For Event Details, visit:

  • Astro Seminar: "Can We Teach Scientific Critical Thinking to non-Scientists and Scientists Alike? (A Modestly Grandiose Educational Proposal to Save the World, Up for Discussion)

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, Room A4

    Saul Perlmutter (LBNL)

    There is a body of techniques and practices, a language and culture,
    that is usually implicitly taught by apprenticeship and osmosis to
    graduate students and postdocs. This is the underpinning of an
    approach to the world that is shared by scientists, but not much used
    (or understood) by the rest of society. Can we make these implicit
    concepts explicit, and teach them to all undergraduates, whether or
    not they intend to be scientists? Could this help our society
    address difficult issues such as are raised by the global environment

  • Astronomy Night: "The Fate of the Universe"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratories, and Shoemaker Green 209 S 33rd Street

    Dr. Marisa March, Post-doctoral Researcher (University of Pennsylvania)

    Stargazers of all ages are invited to spend an evening looking up! 

    Members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy will help you explore the night sky through telescopes on Shoemaker Green. Special physics demonstrations and a discussion of the fate of the universe are also on the agenda. Join us for any or all of our free Astronomy Night events!

  • Topology Symposium: "Is the Abstract Mathematics of Topology Applicable to the Real World?"

    Wolfensohn Hall, Institute for Advanced Study

    Professors Randall Kamien (University of Pennsylvania), Robert MacPherson (Institute for Advanced Study), Raul Rabadan (Columbia University)

  • SAS 2015 Teaching Awards Ceremony

    University of Pennsylvania 200 College Hall

    Deans Office Representatives

    To applaud the extraordinary commitment of these individuals to the education of our students.  The winners of the SAS Teaching Awards will be honored at a School-wide reception. We hope that you will join us for the event as we celebrate teaching excellence in SAS.