Past Events

  • Dissertation Defense for Julia Sandell Meo

    "PDT in the Thoracic Cavity: Spectroscopic Methods and Fluence Modeling for Treatment Planning" Room 2N36 DRL

  • Condensed Matter Seminar: "Single-molecule force spectroscopy: Theory meets experiment"

    Room A4, DRL22

    Olga Dudko, U.C. San Diego

    Single-molecule biophysical tools are making it possible to measure the response of individual biomolecules to external force – in real time and with unprecedented resolution – revealing information that is typically lost when studied though traditional “bulk” methods. I will present a general analytical theory of force-induced molecular transitions. The theory is based on Kramers picture of diffusive barrier crossing and on a generalization of this picture to many dimensions.

  • High Energy Theory Seminar

    DRL 2N36

    Maria J. Rodriguez (Harvard)

  • Colloquium: "Isostatic Lattices: From Jamming to Topological Phonons"

    Room A4, DRL

    Tom Lubensky, University of Pennsylvania

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  • High Energy Theory Seminar

    DRL 2N362

    Nishant Agarwal (CMU)

  • *Spring 2013 Postponed PHYS/ASTR Final Exam*

    A4 DRL See department if you are taking two exams.

    Postponed Spring 2013 Final Exam for all Physics and Astronomy courses. 

  • Condensed Matter Seminar: "Topological Edge States at a Tilt Boundary in Gated Multilayer Graphene"

    A4 DRL

    Eun-Ah Kim , Cornell University

    Despite much interest in engineering new topological surface (edge) states using structural defects, such topological surface states have not been observed yet. We show that recently imaged tilt boundaries in gated multilayer graphene should support topologically protected gapless edge states. We approach the problem from two perspectives: the microscopic perspective of a tight-binding model and an ab initio calculation on a bilayer, and the symmetry-protected topological (SPT) state perspective for a general multilayer.

  • Nano-Noses: Cyborg Devices for Detecting Molecules

    A.T. Charlie Johnson, World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut Street

  • Dissertation Defense for Rony Wiener

    Investigation of Timing Performance of Scintillation Detectors for Time of Flight PET, Room 2N36 DRL

  • Dissertation Defense for Shaoqing Zhang

    Association of Protein Helices and Assembly of Foldamers: Stories in Membrane and Aqueous Enviornments, Room 2N36, DRL