Past Events

  • Astrophysics and Cosmology Seminar

    David Rittenhouse Laboratories (DRL), Room A6

    Cora Dworkin, Institute for Advanced Study

  • High Energy Theory Seminar

    DRL 4N9

    Emil Mottola (LANL)2

    The High Enery Theory schedule of events is at:

  • High Energy Theory Seminar: Conformal Invariance, Dark Energy and CMB Non-Gaussianity

    DRL 2N36

    Emil Mottola (LANL)

    A universe dominated by dark energy naturally gives rise to correlation functions possessing full conformal invariance. This is a consequence of the conformal group of flat 3-dimensional spatial sections being isomorphic to the de Sitter symmetry group SO(4,1), and hence independent of specifi c model assumptions. Assuming this full symmetry holds leads to a de finite prediction for the shape of the non-Gaussian CMB bispectrum, quite different from single field slow roll inflation.

  • Special "Evolution Cluster Search 2013" Seminar

    Lynch Lecture Hall (Chemistry)

    Erol Açkay, Princeton

    “New frontiers in social evolution theory”

    Cooperation between organisms is a major driving force of biological organization at all levels, from single cells to whole ecosystems. Understanding the evolutionary dynamics of cooperation and other social traits therefore is a central goal of evolutionary theory. I will talk about my recent work that aims to advance the frontiers of social evolution theory in two directions.

  • Condensed Matter seminar: "Multiscale tomography-to-simulation paradigm"

    DRL A4

    José Andrade, Caltech

  • Astronomy Seminar

    Or Graur, American Museum of Natural History

    "The Oldest Explosions: type Ia Supernova Rates from Low- and High-Redshift Surveys"

  • High Energy Theory Seminar

    DRL 2N36

    Robert Scherrer, Vanderbilt University

    "Anapole Dark Matter"

  • Special "Evolution Cluster Search 2013" Seminar

    Lynch Lecture Hall (Chemistry)

    Emilia Huerta-Sanchez, UC Berkeley

    “Detecting and characterizing natural selection from next generation sequencing data”

  • special "Evolution Cluster Search 2013" Seminar

    Lynch Lecture Hall (Chemistry)

    Sharon Aviran, UC Berkeley

    “High-throughput RNA structure analysis from chemical footprinting experiments"

  • Physics Colloquium

    DRL A8

    Paula Apsell, Senior Executive Producer for NOVA

    "Controversy in Science: When scientists disagree, what's the poor journalist to do?"