Theoretical High Energy Physics

The Penn high energy theory group works in a wide range of subjects, including supersymmetry, supergravity, and superstring/M-theory (formal aspects as well as model building); early-universe cosmology; electroweak physics; and neutrino astrophysics.  We maintain close contact with the astrophysics/cosmology, condensed matter theory, and experimental particle physics groups.  In addition we have close collaborations with the Math department via the Math/Physics research group.

Current Group Members



Vijay Balasubramanian
Mirjam Cvetic
Paul Langacker
Burt Ovrut
Gino Segre



Volker Braun
Michael Schulz
Timo Weigand



Alexander Borisov
Tamaz Brelidze
Bartlomiej Czech
Peng Gao
Klaus Larjo
Tao Liu
Robert Richter




High Energy Theory Activities


Recent Former Group Members



Jens Erler Assistant Professor, UNAM, Mexico
Yang-Hui He Tutor, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Alex Kusenko Assistant Professor, UCLA
Finn Larsen Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Tianjun Li Assistant Professor, ITP, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Andre Lukas Reader, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Asad Naqvi PPARC Fellow, Lecturer, Swansea University, United Kingdom
Brent Nelson Assistant Professor Northeastern University
Jaemo Park Assistant Professor, POSTECH, South Korea
Gary Shiu Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin
Joan Simón Lecturer University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Dan Waldram Reader, Imperial College, United Kingdom



Evgeny Buchbinder Princeton (IAS)
Min-xin Huang University of Wisconsin
Junahi Kang University of Maryland
Tommy Levi New York University
Rene Reinbacher Rutgers University

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