Congratulations to Ms. Xingting Gong, finalist for APS LeRoy Apker Award

Congratulations to one of our talented undergraduate students, Ms. Xingting Gong, who has been chosen as a finalist for this year’s APS LeRoy Apker Award for achievement in physics as an undergraduate.

Xingting has performed impressive work in two distinct areas of condensed matter physics.  Under the supervision of Prof. Gene Mele she studied stacking textures and singularities in bilayer grapheme, and working with Prof. Randy Kamien, she worked on folding properties of physical models of kirigami (origami where cuts are allowed) in lattices. Her research has been published in both Physical Review B and in PNAS.

It is already a major honor to be chosen as a finalist for this prestigious APS award, and we wish her well in her final interview.