Paul Soven

Professor of Physics
(215) 898-5952


  • Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs (1985-89)
  • Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs (1976-79) 



Ph.D., University of Chicago (1965)
M.S., University of Chicago (1961)
B.S., City College of New York (1960)

Research Interests: 

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics


My research interests locus on the electronic structure of materials. Early in my career, I studied the band structure of ordered solids and developed and exploited methods of computing the electronic spectra of disordered materials (alloys). My research interests gradually switched to surface physics, first into the area of spectra of sudace-induced features (surface states) in the electronic spectrum, and more recently to dynamical processes involved in the optical response of small systems and surfaces.


Selected Publications: 


  • "Relativistic Band Structure and Fermi Surface of Thallium, I," Phys. Rev. 137, A1706 (1965).
  • "Relativistic Band Structure and Fermi Surface of Thallium, II," Phys. Rev. 137, A1717 (1965).
  • "Coherent-Potential Model of Substitutional Disordered Alloys," Phys. Rev. 156, 809 (1967).
  • "Density Fuctional Approach to Local Field Effects in Finite Systems: Photoabsorption in Rare Gases," (with A. Zangwill), Phys. Rev. A21, 1561 (1980).
  • "A Time-Dependent Local Density Theory of Dielectric Effects in Small Molecules," (with Z. Levine), Phys. Rev. A29, 625 (1984).