Sherman Frankel

Professor of Physics Emeritus


  • Prof. Emeritus
  • Staff Member, M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory (1943-6)
  • Associate Editor, Review of Scientific Instruments, 1950s
  • Faculty, University of Pennsylvania (1950-)
  • John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, 1956, 1978
  • Guest Scientist: Niels Bohr Inst (1957)
  • CERN (1975); CEN de Saclay (1979)
  • Guest Fellow, Stanford C.I.S.A.C. (1987)
  • Brookings Institute (1987)
  • Senior Fellow, MIT Security Studies Program (1998-)
  • Visiting Prof., Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley 2002-
  • Guest Physicist, Lawrence Radiation lab., Berkeley CA 2002- 



Ph.D., University of Illinois (1949)
B.A. Brooklyn College (1943) 

Research Interests: 

Elementary Particle Physics, Physics and Public Policy


My recent work dealt with color transparency and nuclear transparency in nuclei and searches for the quark-gluon plasma. My present physics deals with problems relating to magnetic monopoles and their connection with astrophysics and particle physics experiments. I continue to work on "Physics and Public Policy", publishing articles on missile defense and new smart decoys. I now use my physics training to study the efficacy and safety of new medical drugs and procedures and have an fMRI-cognitive test research program relating to distinguishing between aging and dementia, as well as a Penn collaboration, placing cognitive tests on the web.


Selected Publications: 


Selected Physics Publications:

  • "J/Psi Suppression and the Quark-Gluon Plasma" Phys. Lett. B 441 (1998)
  • "Atomic Number Dependence of High Q2 Interactions in Nuclei"
  • "Scalar and Pseudoscalar Charges" Am. J. Phys. Vol.44, No.7, July 1976

Selected Public Policy Publications:

  • "Countermeasures and Theater Missile Defense", Surface Warfare, US Navy, 21 4 38-40 (1996)
  • "Measures of Proscar, Hytrin and Cardura Side-Effects" Neurology and Urodynamics 16:63-66 (1997)
  • "Screening for Prostate Cancer", Scientific American (Jan. 1997)
  • "Prostate Size Dependence of Proscar Efficacy", Urology (October, 1998)
  • "Study of FDA Files on Propecia", Archives of Dermatology Vol. 135 (1999)