Scenes Around The PLS

On the Public Run Days, the 1 1/2" Scale trains seem to be the most popular. There are two passenger boarding areas, one for the 1 1/2" track and one for the 1" track.

Twice a year, the PLS invites fellow Live Steamers to their Annual Spring and Fall Meets. Scenes from the Spring Meet can be viewed here.

Here's the "Phoebe Snow" hauling a train load of appreciative railfans.

Mike McDevitt's NW-3 being piloted by Dave McDowell under Mike's supervision.

Frank Watson's PRR G-5.

Side view with clubhouse in background.

John Bortz's NKP Berkshire

Ed Woodings on his Atlantic

Close-up of the Atlantic

Check out Ed Woodings' PRR T-1 in 1" Scale

Jim Sullivan and his wife riding his beautiful SOO 5000

The front end of 5000

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