A list of books that belong to the Soft Matter group for quick reference:


Please do not remove them from the lab for too long- other people might need to use it! If you need to take it home for an extended period of time, please borrow it from the library.


Rheology: Principles, Measurements and Applications (Advances in Interfacial Engineering) (Hardcover)
Christopher W. Macosko
Wiley-VCH, Inc.

Introduction to Polymers (2nd Printing of 2nd Ed.)
R. J. Young and P. A. Lovell
CRC Press

Statistical Thermodynamics of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Membranes (Paperback)
Samuel Safran, Samuel A. Safran
Westview Press

Capillarity and Wetting Phenomena: Drops, Bubbles, Pearls, Waves (Hardcover)
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Francoise Brochard-Wyart, David Quere

Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces (Paperback)
Richard A. L. Jones, Randal W. Richards
Cambridge University Press

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters and Complexity (Oxford Master Series in Physics) (Paperback)
James P. Sethna
Oxford University Press

Polymer Physics (Hardcover)
Michael Rubinstein, Ralph H. Colby
Oxford University Press

The Theory of Polymer Dynamics
M. Doi, S. F. Edwards
Oxford Science Publications

The Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids
Ronald G. Larson
Oxford University Press

Colloidal Dispersions
W. B. Russel, D. A. Saville, and W. R. Schowalter

Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics
Pierre-giles De Gennes
Cornell University Press

Intermolecular and Surface Forces
Jacob N. Israelachvili
Academic Press


Rheology books online (available through UPenn library, Pennkey might be required)

Rheology - Principles, Measurements and Applications
Christopher W. Macosko
John Wiley & Sons


Structure and Rheology of Molten Polymers - From Structure to Flow Behavior and Back Again
John M. Dealy, Ronald G. Larson
Hanser Publishers