PhD theses of former soft matter group members:


Dr. Anindita Basu (2012) Shear Deformation in Polymer Gels and Dense Colloidal Suspensions

Dr. Peter J. Yunker (2012) Coffee Rings and Glasses: Colloids Out of Equilibrium

Dr. Daniel Tien-Nang Chen (2010) Microrheology of soft matter

Dr. Mateusz Bryning (2007) Carbon nanotube networks in epoxy composites and aerogels

Dr. Ahmed Alsayed (2006) Melting in temperature sensitive suspensions

Dr. Jian Zhang (2003) Soft-materials: From colloids on templates to polymers in nematics

Dr. Keng-Hui Lin (2002) Entropically driven interaction between colloids and their self-assembly

Dr. Ningping Yang (2001) Angle-resolved second harmonic light scattering from colloidal suspensions and second harmonic particle microscopy

Dr. Ritu Verma (1999) Entropic attractions in colloid-polymer solutions

Dr. Antony Dinsmore (1997) Entropic forces and phase separation in binary nearly hard-sphere colloids

Dr. Jining Qi (1995) Nonlinear optical spectroscopy of gallium arsenide interfaces

Dr. Ming Hsu Kao (1995) Multiple light scattering from isotropic and anisotropic turbid media

Dr. Peter Kaplan (1993) Optical studies of the structure and dynamics of opaque colloids

Dr. Moshen S. Yeganeh (1992) Nonlinear optical spectroscopy of solid/solid interfaces