Course Information for Physics 151

Principles of Physics II

This is a graphic of a glass rod being drawn into a very thin optical fiber which can be used to guide electromagnetic waves for high speed communications. (The graphic was created by scientists at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies).



A schedule for the spring lectures (updated 1/7) is available.

Class Meetings


Required Texts:

Homework Assignments:

Problem assignments from Lerner's text will be distributed weekly. Your homework solutions will be be collected and some of these problems will be graded by a graduate grader.

Laboratory Assignments:

There will be a laboratory lecture and a two hour laboratory each week. The lab week begins on Thursday (the day of the lab lecture). A schedule of the assigned labs is available. The experiment to be done must be studied before the laboratory meeting. To pass the course you must separately pass the lab portion. Anyone who has taken the laboratory previously and wishes to be excused must obtain permission from the instructor in his/her section prior to the first laboratory meeting.

Bring paper, a calculator, a clear plastic ruler, millimeter lined graph paper, a notebook and your lab manual to the laboratory.


Hourly examinations will be held at 11AM on Thursdays February 6 , March 6 and April 10 No makeup exams can be given. If for any legitimate reason (e.g. illness) you cannot be present for an exam, notify your instructor prior to the exam time. Justification for your absence will generally be required.

All exams are to be taken with "closed books." You may prepare a formula sheet on a single 3x5 index card, containing physical constants, formulas or any other information to which you want to refer during the exam. Bring a calculator to the quizzes and to the exams.

A collection of exams from previous years is available .

The final examination is scheduled by the registrar and must be taken at the scheduled time. The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, 4-6 PM.

The exams are graded by the instructors. Mistakes may sometimes be made in grading examinations. If you believe a mistake has been made in the grading of your exam, write a description of the mistake on the cover sheet of your exam and return it to the instructor within a week of the return of the exam paper.

Course Grades:

The labs and quizzes will count as 25% of the total course grade. (Note: to pass the course you must pass the laboratory.) Each hourly exam will be weighted 15% of the course grade, and the final exam will be weighted 30%.