Image Gallery

Eli Baum's Images from Spring 2002

Two views of M67 by A150 students Yewliang Goh(left), Heather Schloss, Jackie Rogosinski, Megan Thomas and Kathryn Dekas (right).
Three stretches of M42 by A150 students Ryan Anderson, Benjamin Koodrich, and Ted Allen.
Orion nebula by (1999)A150 students Hillary Mendillo and Sam Weng
Attempt at M78 from downtown Philadelphia!
Aldebaran occultation ingress 9/12/98
M57 imaged by Ryan Swartz 7/27/98

Most of the images below were taken by members of the Astronomy 250 course in the spring '98 semester.

Orion nebula RGB composite by Glen Andrews (SBIG ST-7 on 10" Meade)

Multiple star gamma leo by Kelle Cruz.

Spiral galaxy member of the Leo triplet, M65, by Tim Guild.

Multiple star Mizar RGB composite by Arthur da Silva.

Southern section of the Moon by Adina Alpert.

Waxing gibbous shot by Jorge Larangeira 3/5/98. (Nikon camera on 10" Meade f/6.3, 0.5 s, ISO400 Kodak)

The Orion nebula imaged by Alejandro Toussier and Charles Berger 2/10/98. (SBIG ST-7 on 10" Meade f/6.3)