I'm a Full Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Penn. I work on Theoretical Cosmology, play squash and love cricket.
I did my undergraduate studies at Haverford College, just outside Philadelphia. My PhD is from Cambridge University, England; I was a Marshall Scholar at the Institute of Astronomy. After my PhD I spent time at Berkeley, the Max-Planck Institute fuer Astrophysik just outside Munich, and Fermilab. I then spent three years as an Assistant Professor at Pitt before moving to Penn. I was also a Research Scientist at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics .

Here is a list of my previous students, where they are now, and their PhD projects:
At Pitt:
-Ummi Abbas (2006, Marseille, Torino): Environmental dependence of clustering in hierarchical models
-Lorenzo Rimoldini (2007, Edinburgh, Geneva): Strong MgII absorbers in the SDSS
-Ramin Skibba (2006, Heidelberg, Arizona, UCSD): Mark correlations in the SDSS
At Penn:
-Michelle Caler (2010, WCCC): MgII systems and LFs at z=0.7 in the SDSS
-Matt Martino (2010, lecturer at Penn, -): Halo formation and environment in alternative gravity models
-Jorge Moreno (2010, Haverford, SISSA, UVic): Merger history trees in ellipsoidal collapse models
-Graziano Rossi (2009, KIAS, Seoul, Saclay): Galaxy scaling relations from photometric redshift surveys
-Tsz Yan Lam (2009, IPMU, Tokyo, MPA): Physics and statistics of nonlinear gravitational clustering

A more detailed listing of my academic travels and achievements is given in my CV.

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