A trophy Walleye from Lac Poutrincourt


A very large trophy Walleye - 28" and 8 lbs

This walleye was caught in Lac Poutrincourt by Jim Baumgartner on June 3, 2002 near Cabin #6 in high wind conditions drifting a white jig with white twister tail tipped with worm in 5 feet of water.

It was 28 inches long and weighed 8 lbs. It was one of the largest caught at the lake. Andre Cauchon, Domaine Poutrincourt outfitter, said a 12 pounder was caught recently.

Pictured in the photo is Bas Dubrosky holding Jim Baumgartner's trophy.

(c) Bas Bubrosky 2007
Bas Dubrosky