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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report # 2 for June, 2001

Report on our regular June Chapter meeting (June 12, 2001)

We had an invited quest, Steve Ware, a dedicated dry fly trout fisherman, give a wonderful slide presentation on flyfishing the legendary Silver Creek and Henry's Fork in Idaho and the Yellowstone National Park vicinity. Steve introduced us to the world of BIG wild trout fishing, for native cutthrouts, browns and rainbows in the Rocky Mountains. Steve showed us the slides he took and the description of the country, the people and local history as well the fishing and the challenges along Silver Creek and Henry's Fork. It was like we were transported and standing there beside him with waders and flyrod standing in freezing water up to your belt in middle of a stonefly hatch trying to cast to one of the monster trout, locally known as "Her Highness". The members who were there really enjoyed the exciting slide presentation. It's not that often that trout fisherman here in the East see the beauty and challenges that go with fishing 'out West'. Thank you Steve for a superb presentation. We hope to see Steve again soon for another presentation on his adventures 'in really beautiful places'.

Here's a link to Steve Ware's biography. This was the introduction for Steve as our guest speaker for June 12th Chapter meeting.

By the way, we knew that this would be a special meeting because we were greeted by 4 local residents, two hen and two tom wild turkeys, strudding around in front of the Visitor's Center. I could not resist to take a photo of the two goblers.

Before the meeting ...
Couple natives doing their thing outdoors.

During and after the meeting ...
Chapter meeting in progress ...
... taking care of business.
Our speaker, Steve Ware, with daughter and friend
Steve with Bill Bender discussing fishing tactics


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June 15, 2001
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