Fishing Trip Report
Fishing Log

Lac Poutrincourt

July 25 - August 2, 2002

Fishermen: Lamar Kahler, Casper Smerroskie and Walter Kononenko at the cabin

Thursday, July 25, 2002, travel day

Left Cas's house at 2:00 AM. Cas driving. Arrived at Penn-Can restaurant 4:15 AM (I81 exit 65). Some rain in PA.
Lamar's turn to drive. Drove 2 hrs. Cas took over at rest stop above Albany (Twin Bridges). Put in 10 gallons of gas from gas cans. Walt took over through the Adirondack's on I87 to reststop before Duty Free shop.
Each of us exchanged US$100 to Canadian$ (149.25$Can/$100US). Loaded up with bottle of Jack Daniels, bottle of Crown Royal and a case of Labatt's Blue.
Also we filled up with gas at the last gas station before Canada, at Exxon, gas $91.50.

Cas takes over driving into Canada. At the border @ 11:45 AM. Usual questions, no problems. For a man that's been to Canada many times Cas almost blew it -- started showing birth certificate and driver's license without being asked. Easy drive toward Montreal. Along Route 20 lots of construction. Stopped for lunch at Burger King at 12:40 PM.

After lunch (1:20 PM) Lamar takes the wheel. Arrived at Route 55 (155) and switched drivers (2:20PM). Cas takes over.
At 2:45 PM crossed the bridge to Trois Rivieres over the St. Lawrence River. Beautiful sight. Nice suspension bridge and no toll. At 3:14 PM Junction at Grand Mere on 55/155. Now going on 155N, 121 km to La Tuque.
At 4:40 at La Tuque. 120 km to Chambord on Lac St. Jean.
At 5:00 PM Walt took over and at 7:10 PM arrived at motel at La Dore. Gas gauge at empty. 800 miles from Cas' house. 19 hours on the road. Had dinner at the restaurant and spent the night at the motel.

We estimated that it took 60 gallons of gas to drive 800 miles to La Dore, which is 13.33 miles per gallon. And this is trailing a 17-foot Tracker fully loaded boat. This stop is the last gas before Chibouganau, which is 197 km further north.

Stayed at the Auberge La Dore for the night. Cost 65.56$CN for the room, 22$CN per person (about $15 US), and had dinner at their restaurant.

Driving times: Cas 8 hours, Lamar 3 hours and Walt 6 hours. It should be noted that Lamar was not feeling too good during this drive up.

Friday, July 26, 2002, first fishing day:

Woke up @ 5:30 AM. Had breakfast at the restaurant, filled the truck and gas cans ($70 $CN) and bought 4-1/2 gallons of milk ( 10$CN). On the road at 7:00 AM. Temperature 47-degree F.

Arrived at Domaine Poutrincourt after 9 AM. Put the boat to water. Loaded her up with gear. The heavy gas cans and the 2 15-gallon drums were loaded onto the outfitter's freight canoe.
Paid Andre Couchon $403.56US per person including all taxes. (Note that we also paid in addition $100.00US each deposit back in February when Cas reserved our trip.) Shoved off from dock 10:00 AM.

Fishing DAY 1: Started fishing 11:00 AM. Motored up the Normandin River to the "Honey Hole". Note that the lake level and river flow were noticably lower from last year. Lake level more than a foot lower.

Cas caught 2 pike, one 26-inches and the other 18-inches. Threw both back in. Cas also caught a 13" whitefish.
Walt caught 2 whitefish, kept the larger one (14") and returned the youngster. Fished until 4:00 PM.
Lamar had no luck hooking into a fish.

Supper: Hot dogs and baked beans. Walt grilled the hot dogs and the one whitefish on the gas grill. Whitefish was OK, but with many small bones.

Fishing - Afternoon: 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Cas caught one 18" pike. Returned back. Weather cloudy and sparodic rain, not cold. Actually pleasant.

Note that Lamar was not feeling well. After supper Lamar stayed at the cabin and took a nap. It rained most of the afternoon and into the evening. Goretex rain gear definitely needed and worked well. Started to see a few loons and later in the evening heard their distinctive calls. Very pleasant.

The cabin is perfect for the three of us. It's a wooden structure about 20 by 20 feet with a small 3-foot wide porch with railing in the front. The cabin is supplied with 2 propane tanks that service a 4-burner gas stove, a gas operated refrigerator with freezer compartment and also a gas hot water heater behind the cabin. This allowed us to have hot water for washing the dishes and to take hot showers. The cabin also has 2 mantle gas lights, which were adequate to light up the cabin in the evening, but not enough light to read. There was a small woodburning stove in the main room. We did not need to use this stove during our stay. The evenings were on the warm side. The bunkroom contained 2 sets of bunk beds. Walt took one of the top beds and Cas and Lamar each took one the lower ones. The bathroom was small with a sink, toilet and shower. Again we had running hot and cold water. There was no light in the bathroom making it somewhat difficult to do anything when it was dark. The running water came from a reservoir tank that was behind cabin 4 set about 20 feet above the ground. A gasoline motor-driven water pump was used to pump lake water to the holding tank. We had to do this one morning after our neighbors arrived and used up the standing water. No problems caused since Cas was the first one up and went over to the pump on the dock to start it up. Pumped for about half hour or so. The cabin had everything we needed for the stay. It was quite comfortable. It was a good cabin for a fishing trip on a remote lake in norther Quebec.

our Cabin #3

Saturday, July 27, 2002 DAY 2:

Full fishing day. Cloudy day. Fished the main lake down to camp 6.

Morning: Cas 3 walleyes, Lamar 3 walleyes and 1 pike and Walt 3 walleyes, 2 whitefish and 1 baby pike.

Supper: Grilled 3 steaks, baked potatos and onions in aluminum foil on the gas grill. Delicious. We were hungry and the beer tasted good.

Afternoon: Cas caught 6 walleyes and 1 perch. Lamar had 1 pike and 2 walleyes and Walt caught 7 walleyes.

Sunday, July 28, 2002 DAY 3:

Up 5:15 AM. Saw beautiful sunrise. Took pictures. Two red squirrels totally unafraid greeted us on the deck. A sunny day.

Morning: Cas caught an average pike, which we threw into the live well.

This was to become Lamar's big day. Lamar caught a beautiful 33" northern pike on a black/silver/white Rapala lure. The fish was heavy and put up a hard fight. We were all excited and took many photos. Lamar released the pike after many photos. Wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the time.

a very happy Lamar

Walt took a nice 23" pike which we also put into the livewell. Also Walt missed a beautiful large ferocious pike that hit a black/gold/white Rapala plug casting into weeds across from where we started to call the "hotspot".

Supper: Spagetti and tomato sauce with buttered bread. Delicious.

Afternoon: There was a heavy thunder shower during supper. We went out after the storm blew over. We went up the Normandin River. Cas did not connect this afternoon. Lamar caught 1 pike at the Honeyhole. Walt caught a baby pike casting into weeds with a Johnson weedless gold minnow lure.

As an aside, this was Cas' 10th time to Lac Poutrincourt, first time in 1992. And this was Lamar's 9th time with Cas at this lake, first time being in 1994. One year they went to Lake Cabonga, Quebec, a beautiful lake, but few fish caught.

Monday, July 29, 2002 DAY 4

Cloudy day, set out 6:45 AM to the Hotspot on the main lake.

the "Hotspot"

This was going to be another exciting and memorable day for all of us. We started out by going out to the Hotspot and Cas positioned the boat for jigging as usual. There was some wind and the lake was having the normal wave motion allowing good drifting toward the island. Cas caught 10 walleyes and Lamar caught 6 walleyes. Walt caught 7 walleyes for the morning.

During one of our routine positioning the boat for drifting, jig and drift toward the island operation, at the head of the rocky point Walt hooked into a large pike. The pike put up a ferocious fight by jumping twice out of the water and almost pulling Walt out of the boat, but Walt hung on allowing the drag to pull out at the same time Walt was trying to reel the fish in. Cas was able to get the landing net and net the pike and brought it into the boat. This turned out to be a beautiful, heavy northern pike, which measured to 33-1/2". We again took plenty of pictures. Shortly afterwards we released the pike back to the lake. This trophy pike put up a terrific fight that got the heart pumping and produced the excitement that would last for some time. Walt was using a blackhead/red-eye single hook jighead with a worm on the hook. The rod was a 6-1/2' Shakespeare light action rod with a Mitchell 300A spinning reel. The fishing line was a 12-pound monofilament. WOW!! Then about a half hour later at 12:45 PM Walt hooked onto a 22" trophy walleye. This was a thick and heavy fish. This time Walt was using a white jigjead and live worm. This was almost the same spot where the trophy pike was taken. Again, we took many pictures and released the walleye. Cas and Lamar were saying that I was extremely lucky to catch both fish due to the fact that I was not using steel leader, no swivel and a single hook. What a feeling of battling two great fish within an hour of each other. Both fish were released back to the lake for other anglers to have the opportunity to catch them again. And maybe they'll live long enough to produce another generation of fish. WOW again!

a real beauty

Afternoon: Fished from 4:00PM to 8:30PM. The afternoon was very sunny and warm. Lake was very calm, like a mirror. We went back to the morning's spot and tried jigging. No success! Switched to trolling and immediately we got Lamar's line caught up in the propeller. Cas says that this is what they call an "everyday occurence" on the open water. Caught 3 walleyes that afternoon.

At this point Cas started to worry what the possession limits were and what we had caught and had in possession. For the record, the possession limits at any time are 6 walleyes, 6 pike and 2 whitefish per person. In addition there are slot limits for the walleyes and pike. More on this later.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002 DAY 5

A New Day & a New Adventure ... read on ...

Morning: Left dock 6:40 AM. Sporadic thundershowers. Drove back to the "hotspot".
Morning tally: Cas 7 walleyes, Lamar 6 walleyes and one perch, and Walt 2 walleyes.
We ran out of worms. We were in rain and wind all morning. We decided to make a run to the basecamp for worms and coffee. Eric Cauchon was there and had a good converstion on fishing on the lake. The coffee was good. On the way back we decided to go back to the cabin for lunch. We had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Afternoon: Out at 2:30PM. Went back to the hotspot, but severe weather developed rapidly. Just started to fish and make a drift when Walt's line drifted underneath the boat and got caught on the turning propeller. It was blowing and raining quite hard at the time. Cas tried to reverse the direction of the propeller but the line just continued to wrap itself around the propeller shaft. Cas immediately shut down the 50-hp motor and we were dead on the water. Rapidly the wind was blowing us toward the island. At that time Lamar and Walt got out the oars to stop the boat from hitting the rocks while Cas started the smaller 5-hp motor.

First job was to get the boat away from the rocks. Cas pointed the boat away from the island and gave the control to Walt and the orders from the Captain were to get across the 1 km open water to the other side of the lake for protection against the wind. After about 20 to 30 minutes of putt-putting across the lake we reached a protected site and anchored. There Cas cut away the fishing line. Cas said that we were lucky that the line did not damage the prop or shaft. Cas started up the 50-hp motor, which sounded like music to our ears and we started fishing again. Right at that time another black cloud approached that we decide to outrun by going north at right angles to it. That took about a half hour, but eventually the rain did catch us and we decided to go back to the cabin. Wow, what a morning!

Lunch/supper: Today we did chicken on the grill. Along with the grilled chicken we had Jack Daniel's barbaque sauce, baked potatos and grilled onions along with cold beer. Man, did that taste good. That was an excellent lunch.

During this time, a rainbow appeared and we took a few photos.

The group from the neighboring cabin also came back and we had some good conversation. We even exchanged a tall Gennie for a cup of peanut oil, which we forgot to bring. There were 5 fellows from Williamsport, PA, and to Cas' surprise, one the fellows, a teacher, knew a mutual acquaintance that Cas worked with at the telephone company. Actually that mutual acquaintance was trained by Cas in climbing telephone poles when he started, who is now quite high up in management in the company. It is a small world.

Evening fishing excursion to the Back Bay. Very windy -- did trolling around the far islands. Walt did the driving while trolling. Cas took over the controls over the rocks and going back to the cabin.

Tally: Cas 1 walleye and 2 pike; Lamar 1 walleye and 1 pike. Exhausting day.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002 DAY 6:

Cabin temperature at 5:30 AM 60-degrees-F
Water temperature at dock 68-degrees F. Water temperature at Hotspot 65-degrees F.

Morning fishing: Cas 6 walleyes, Lamar 7 walleyes and Walt 1 pike.

Walt's pike was 25" long. Again it was caught by jigging with single jig hook and worm. The pike unhooked itself as it came into the boat. This one did not struggle like the previous ones. We threw the pike into the live well. A little time later we looked into the livewell and to our dismay, the water in the livewell was drained. Evidently the pike knocked over the overflow tube in the well causing all the water to drain out. The fish were suffocating. We immediately took off to go back to the cabin. We brought back 14 fish.

Noon fishing: Went out at 12:45 PM.

New tally: Cas 2 walleyes. 1 perch, Lamar none and Walt 2 walleyes.

Supper: We fried 6 walleyes in a skillet on the gas grill. The fillets were coated with flour and salted and peppered. They were fried in butter in the skillet. Along with the fish we had baked potatos, stewed tomatos and peas. We ate well.

Evening fishing: tally - Cas 9 walleyes and 1 perch; Lamar 3 walleyes and 1 perch; and Walt 6 walleyes.

Thursday, August 1, 2002 DAY 7:

Morning: Start 8:30 AM. A beautiful day with light wind. Cas caught a "teenager" pike across from the Hotspot on a Johnson spoon, while using the electric trolling motor.

At 12:00 noon we decided to go to the Honeyhole on the Normandin.

Tally at the Honeyhole: Cas 1 baby pike, 3 walleyes and 2 whitefish; Lamar 1 whitefish; and Walt 1 whitefish and 1 walleye trolling.

It should be noted that when Cas was reeling in another good-sized walleye and was bringing the walleye to the boat when out of nowhere a huge pike, probably "Bubba" swam up and grabbed the hooked walleye and swam away with the prize in its jaws. Both Lamar and Walt witnessed this huge fish and the vicious attack. Wow! The pike was not hooked and just swam away with a easy meal. A little later we hooked and brought in a whitefish, which we immediately threw back in. However, this fish probably was malhooked and was starting to go bellyup in the water. We saw the fish struggle for a few minutes until a giant splash occured some 50 feet from our boat. We assumed that Bubba just had another easy meal.

Afternoon fishing: Cas 2 walleyes, Lamar 2 walleyes and Walt 1 walleye.

Friday, August 2, 2002 travel day

Left cabin with fully loaded boat back to the main camp at 7:30 AM. Loaded the truck and Andre took the boat out of the water. Left main camp 9:15 AM. Lamar took the wheel.

About 10 km out on the dirt road we come up to a STOP (ARRET) sign. It's a "T", you can go either left or right. We were actively talking at the time and Lamar made a left turn. As it turned out, we were going for some time and started to see power transmission lines and additional bridges that we did not remember seeing before. Also the km markers were increasing -- past marker"28" and "29", which by then Cas knew that we were going the wrong way. Cas takes over the driving, makes a U-turn and starts to backtrack our steps. We lost about 45 minutes. This was the first time Cas and Lamar made this mistake. It's so easy to make a wrong turn for everything looks the same. Jackpines, blueberry bushes, swampy areas and the same dirt road all the time. We got to the paved highway-167 and took off for St. Felicien. We finally make it to town and headed to Mikes for breakfast. Unfortunately. we were late for the famous breakfast, so we settled for lunch, which was not bad either.

Cas continued to drive to La Tuque, where Walt took over. Walt drove to Montreal.

Cas took over again and drove to the Duty Free Shop and through U.S. Customs. Lamar took over the driving after crossing into New York. First we stopped to get gas, then drove through the Adirondacks to Albany. Cas took over again and drove to the earlier truck stop on I-81. After our break Cas continued to drive to Binghamton and by this time we were almost running out of gas. We got gas at Binghamton and Cas resumed driving. After 20 miles Cas handed over the driving to Lamar. Cas was beat! (In retrospect, this was the most dangerous moment of the trip. We had been up for almost 24 hours. Cas was doing most of the driving on the way home. Both Lamar and Walt were napping off and we were not talking to keep Cas awake. Cas was fighting sleep until he realized he had to stop.)

We dropped Lamar off at his house around 5:30 AM. This was Saturday, August 3rd. How fast time flew.

We got to Cas' house and to our surprise the truck lights did not turn off. Cas disconnected the battery and we both crashed out for an hour or so. Around 9:00 AM Dolly made a delicious bagel bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and coffee and then Walt was off on his way home. What a great trip! Cas and Lamar already reserved the same cabin at the same time with Andre Cauchon before we left Domaine Poutrincourt. It will be nice to go back again.

... sunset on Lac Poutrincourt

It should be noted that the lake water level was down something like 1.5 to 2 feet from last year, as evidenced the dark bands on large rocks that stuck above the water. Cas also was surprised how low the water was in areas where the previous year he was able without worry to boat across while this year he had to be extremely careful not to hit bottom or not go into those areas.


GPS unit used: Garvin eTrex

Map used: LAC POUTRINCOURT, QUEBEC, 32 G/1 Energy, Mines and Resources CANADA Edition 3, NAD 27 Accuracy 10 m, typical

Favorite spots on the lake UTM map Coordinates
UTM/UPS coordinates Lonitude/Latitude coordinateselevationDistance to CABIN
BASECAMP 18 U 0569555 UTM 5448744 N49d 11.371'/W074d 02.727' 372 m 7.0 km
NARROWS 18 U 0567755 UTM 5447280 N49d 10.593'/W074d 04.223' 389 m 5.0 km
CABIN 18U0562706 UTM 5447284 N49d 09.804'/W074d 08.380' 388 m Reference
FALLS 18 U 0561476 UTM 5445743 N49d 09.804'/W074d 09.406' 393 m 2.0 km
HONEYHOLE 18 U 0560394 UTM 5442006 N49d 07.793'/W074d 10.330' 389 m 5.8 km
HOTSPOT 18 U 0566370 UTM 5442682 same as PIKE 395 m 5.9 km
PIKE 18 U 0566370 UTM 5442682 N49d o8.121'/W074d 05409' 395 m 5.9 km
Distances to CABIN " the crow flies..."

Cas recommends the following for ideal fishing gear for this type of lake:

for jigging a 5-1/2' rod

for trolling a 7' rod

a good reel like the Shimano Spyrex

and good line like Spiderwire or firewire, which is very thin and doesn't stretch like the monofilament line.

Cas' boat is a Tracker 17-foot model V17ProV (V-bottom) fishing boat.

Main Engine: 50-HP Mercury

and a standby 5-HP Mercury motor.

Cas also has a trolling electric motor mounted up from at the bow.

Link to Tracker Marine, Cas' boat

Slot limits on Lac Poutrincourt:
Walleye --- keep between 12 - 18 inches
northern pike --- keep between 18 - 28 inches

Andre Cauchon - the father
Eric Cauchon - son
Domaine Poutrincout Pourvoire - Outfitter
C.P. 60
La Dore, Quebec,
Canada G8J 1Y4

1-800 561-2296

Link to Domaine Poutrincourt

Numbers of Fish Caught and Released

Pike and Walleye caught
pike walleye other Day's total
arrive Friday July 26, 2002 3 0 4 whitefish 7
Saturday 3 24 1 perch, 1 whitefish29
Sunday 5 1 - 6
Monday 1 26 - 27
Tuesday 3 17 1 perch 21
Wednesday 1 40 3 perch 44
Thursday 2 9 4 whitefish 15
Friday Aug 2, return home ------- ------- ------ -------
Totals 18 117 14 149

Pike and Walleye consummed
pike walleye
ate at the lake 0 20
took home 3 18
----- ---- ----
Totals 3 38

Camera used: Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 35 mm film camera. Film: Kodak Kodacolor ASA 200 print film.

photos and trip report by Walter Kononenko
August 9, 2002
Updated February 9, 2004 (to update the price paid to the outfitter. Originally listed only the price paid when we arrived, I left out the original deposit paid before our trip, which was $100US per person.)
Thanks Eric for letting me know of this the omission of the deposit. It's corrected now.
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