Fishing Trip Report to Domain Poutrincourt August 5 to 12, 2006.

2006 Trip to Domain Poutrincourt

by Lamar Kahler ( and Cas Smerroskie)

8-4 Friday. Depart Helfenstein 2:05 AM. Arrived at Penn Can 3:45 AM for breakfast. Back on the road at 4:30. We had to detour I88 due to construction. Lost about 15 min. drive time road under construction, light rain, which very soon changed to very heavy. We got to interstate 87 at 7:15 AM.

We arrived at Customs 10:40. At Dutyfree purchased liquid refreshments. Currency exchange was 107.50. Ski was socializing with Customs agent while there were about 15 cars behind us.

1:45 PM we stopped at Subway in Three Rivers. Back on the road at 2:00 PM.

5:30 PM we arrived at Mike's restaurant in Robervale. Depart Mikes' at 6:10. Called home, got good reception on Captain's cell phone. Next stop Le Dore arriving at 7:00 PM. At that point we drove 828 miles. Gas in Canada 119.9 cents Canadian per liter.

We got a motel room, cost with tax $72Can for 2 people.

8-5 Saturday. Cas and I checked out of motel at 5:40 AM. Temp 52-degree F. Arrived at Lake at 7:32 AM. We drove 913 miles.

We had coffee with Andre while we checked in, Eric got our gear to our cabin at 11:35 AM. Capt. Ski caught three pike 26-in, 28-in and 25-in. L.K. caught 19-in walleye. Back at the cabin by 3:15.

Had the usual franks and beans for supper. Went back out at 4:20. Capt. 2 pike, 1 walleye. Lamar 2 walleye (one 22-in). Came back to camp at 8:35.

Cocktail hour 9 - 10 PM, then went to bed.

8-6 Sunday. Left camp at 6:15 AM. Went souuth to Hot Spot (aka Bear Bay). Breezy conditions.

Capt. caught 5 walleyes, Lamar caught 2 walleye and 2 pike. Kept 3 walleyes. Returned to cabin at 12:15. We encountered 2 boats who were residents of Reading, PA. We went back out at 1:30 PM. We went to the Back Bay. Lamar 2 pike, one was 22-in. Wind was getting stronger. We couldn't finf a location to avoid wind. Were back at 4:45 PM. No evening fishing. Cocktail, snacks & bed.

8-7 Monday. Good morning. We left to go out fishing at 6:30 AM. Sunny, warm, calm. Nice day. Headed south. Capt. 3 walleye, 1 pike. Lamar 4 walleye, 3 pike. We kept 4 walleye.

Breeze picked up. Turned to wind (again). Went to main camp for bottle of propane for grill. Came back to cabin 1:30 PM. Started to rain. We were back out at 2:10, clear & calm for ten minutes, then wind, heavy rain. Back at cabin at 2:45 PM. Dined on spagette, took power nap 4 to 5:30 PM. Woke up to storm. Wind and downpour. Storm over we went back out to fishing at 6:30. "Fun time" - we went to cove just north of cabin and began to cast #5 Mepps. Lamar's first cast with new Mepps hooked large pike with spare rod. Fish broke line - old line! MUST CHANGE LINE!.

Capt. 5 pike, Lamar 2 pike.

Back to cabin at 8 PM. Snack & cocktails till 11:30, then bed.

8-8 Tuesday. We got up at 5:00 AM. Out at 5:45. Went south, clear and sunny weather.

Capt. 5 walleyes
Lamar 2 walleye, 1 pike.

Brought back 5 walleye. Back at 12:55 PM.

Had supper and went back out at 3:15 PM. We went up Normandie River to the "honey hole".

Capt. 1 walleye
Lamar 4 walleye, 3 pike (Wow!)

Kept 4 walleye. Back to cabin 7:30.

(Humor of the day) While the Capt filleted the fish from morning catch the remains were in a bucket on dock to be dumped when we go back out. We were grilling our steaks when a seagull flew on the dock reaching into the bucket head first grabbed a fish carcase and took it to a big rock at the dock. It dined for a few minutes and left. Meanwhile Ski kicked (what the gull left behind) into the water. Seagull returned took a head, first dive into the water. It swam up the lake and lost it in deep water, a short while later it returned again and did a beautiful straight down dive from about 10 feet and got the fish. We judged it a 9.9 by the Olympic scoring system.

8-9 Wednesday. We got out about 5:45. We went to Lake Baud.

Capt. 4 walleye 1 pike
Lamar 1 walleye 3 pike - nice size for supper.

Back at 2:10 PM. Out again at 3:15 PM. Wind died down, rain picked up. Returned to cabin 4:10 (no fish). Plan to take 1 hour power nap till rain stops. Power nap over. Rain turns into a monsoon, it is now 7:30 PM. Rain letting up, but too late for fishing. Very long cocktail & snack time before bed. "Hoping for a good day tomorrow". Day's time going too fast.

8-10 Thursday. We left camp 6:00 AM. Went south in around Hop Spot. Wind not too bad. Conditions favarable for jigging.

Capt. 8 walleyes 1 pike
Lamar 7 walleye 1 pike

Wind grew strong, long rough ride back to cabin. Now 3 PM. Ate supper, showered. Wind howling. No evening fishing (again).

(Cas writing ...) "When we got close to dock waves were still pretty high. I got the boat in to dock and Lamar grabbed the dock and so did I. And a wave came in and pushed the boat away from the dock and I went into the lake. I had a hard time. Getting my stuff together I was slipping on the stones in front of the dock. Finally I stood up my glasses were gone. Also my hat. I grabbed the boat and tied it up and got out of the lake and went back to the cabin and got out of the wet clothes. Came back to the dock and Lamar and I started to look in the water if we could see my glasses. We could see something shinning under the boat. So I moved the boat and got a better look. Sure enough, there they were. I got out of the boat, got undressed and went back in to make the recovery. When I got out I said to Lamar that's enough for today, so we stayed in for the rest of the day."

8-11 Friday, last day. Left cabin at 6:00 AM. Weather fair. Good day for Capt. Ski.

Ski 8 walleyes one of which was a trophy size 25-inch, 2 pike
Lamar 2 walleye

Wind turned up as morning progressed. Hampered fishing due to strong winds (again!).

We feel catch would be much higher had conditions stayed favorable as they were earlier in the day. Walleye were actively hitting on white grubbs. Back at cabin 1:30 PM. We did not go back out after supper - too windy. Began packing for trip home.


While total catch was less than expected. Average size of fish was much larger than previous trips. Also should be noted we lost about 15 hours of fishing time due to extreme windy conditions which would have resulted in a much larger catch (P.S. Missed Walt).

8-12 Saturday. Capt & I (L.K.) left camp at 8:30 AM. Arrived at Mike's 10:30. We had our great breakfast and left at 11:15. Arrived at Three Rivers bridge at 3 PM. We were stuck in traffic for 1 hour due to construction. Arrived at Customs 6 PM (also stopped in Duty Free). Stopped for gas (USA), then McDonald's for snack. Left at 7 PM. Arrived at Albany 10 PM. Binhamtom at midnight. Stopped at Penn Cam for traditional banana cream pie and coffee. Left there at 1:00 AM. Home at 3:00 AM Sunday morning. All in all a great trip.

("Missed Walt"!)

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August 24, 2006
photos by Cas Smerroskie and Lamar Kahler

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