Fishing Trip Report to Domain Poutrincourt July 22 to 29, 2006.

2006 Trip to Domain Poutrincourt

by Larry B., Buffalo, NY

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 13:59:14 EDT

Subject: Re: Poutrincourt


Hello Walt ,

Got back from a week at Poutrincourt yesterday . On the way out we stayed at St. Felicia , had a nice evening in town with a meal and a few beers , we were lucky to find a couple rooms as a number of motels were booked ...Noticed on the way everybody wanted to do 80mph , my 2000 Ford conversion van was happy to do 68 mph some cars were passing on double yellow lines , everybody seems to go like hell... Finally got there,Al the cook collected the money and Eric loaded the canoe and took us to cabin 5 ....We were all anxious to get unpacked and do some fishing .

Went out about 5pm the first day and caught about 9 fish between 2 boats and 4 guys .. some walleye and northerns , nothing too big ...The first day was just feeling out the waters ... As the days went on we got the jist of what was needed to catch some fish ... The second day we saved some walleye and had a nice fish dinner along with some good Canadian Beer .... We only got up 1 day at 5:30 am to try some early fishing , we all figured it,s vacation and usually slept in till 7 every other morning , naps were common from noon till 3 .... then back out at 5 till 9 or so ..

We caught a decent number of walleye but not as many as some of the people wrote on the walls inside the cabin , some reports say they caught 300 for the week . Was a little dissapointed with the size limits that Andre allowed , walleye at less then 14 inches seemed a waste after you filleted them ... a limit of 15 to 23 would have been much better ... anyways the 4th day a 38 inch nothern was landed , my ole friend was overwhelmed with joy saying if he did not catch another fish all week he was satisfied , myself being a pike fisherman had to unhook the monster , and after a few pictures and the fish flopping in the boat , I quickly tried to get it in the water , after holding the fish upright in the water I did not think he was going to make it , I quickly started to massage the fish over and over on its sides until finally a new gust of life came to him and away with a flick of his mamoth tail he was off, boy did I feel good !!! My ole friend really really wanted to get his fish of a lifetime mounted ...

This fish was caught on a jointed 6 inch black and silver rapala .... A day later my ole friend Jim who I was partnered with caught a small pencil pike , a routine catch and release , after the hook was removed the fish decided he was moving fast enough so he decided to jump from his hands and in the flury , BINGO , now the hook is deeply imbeded in to Jim,s hand past the BARB >>> oh boy I,m thinking .. blood gushing , My friend trying to get it out>>> NO LUCK , I don,t have a hook remover kit as the sport shop was sold out , so he tells me to just give it a hard yank out ,I,m thinking he has,nt a clue to what would happen if I just yanked on it ... I grabbed my composure blood gushing took my ole deer buck knife ,heated the end with a lighter to sterilize it and attempted to cut a small incision to accomodate the barb , and succeded 3 minutes later , ole Jim is a tough ole boy ..

Our pump for the cabin water failed later in the week and we got a new one ... the fridge definitely did not do the trick with propane.... as some of our meats were spoiling , we had to resort to ice and coolers .... There 5 gallon bucket for garbage was definitely not adequate , It was really hot 2 days well in to the 90,s Nites were pretty decent sleeping , cold nite once at about 50 or so ... In all we caught about 50 walleye the largest being 23 inches , the average about 14 inches , the northerns numbered about 20 with the biggest at 38 , 2nd biggest about 28 .... average about 19 inches ....

We were all expecting to get our GST tax back at the border but somehow Andre figured it into the discount for July and August , and the discount never materialzed , actually paying the full price .... Over all the whole trip including the scenery along the way with a bear running across the road was pretty exciting , the solitude made for recharging our batteries ..

Well there it is our week at Poutrincourt , might consider another run up there in the future but the 800 miles was the only negative , Walt forward this to your friends and I,d be happy to answer any questions ... enjoy the summer ....

Larry B. Buffalo N.Y.

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