A word from our Chapter President - Summer 2002:

Mark Munn, President of Southeastern Montgomery County TU Chapter # 468

To: Members of TU Chapter 468,

The fishing season has begun and summer is upon us. We have had four great chapter activites with the Pennypack cleanup and the three fishing derbies which, were all well attended. I was not there, but it sounded like the Penn's creek outing was a big success, if only the weather had been a little more cooperative. As someone said, sometimes it is nice to have some downtime during an outing to sit and spend time with those that we only see for a couple of hours each month, and really to get to hear about each others experiences throughout the years. I am sure that we are all looking forward to our work days on the Pennypack this summer. On a different note, I believe that our chapter has really grown in the past 12 months.

We are now going down a path to be a bigger and better chapter, which I believe will increase the communities awareness of who we are and what we are about. I believe our partnering with certain organizations will further our progress in our efforts to better coldwater conservation in our region. I think activities at the regional level with PA TU are also helping us to become a better organization at the local level. Our website is starting to attract new members, and has been a great addition to our chapter. All in all I think every one of us should be pleased with our progress over the past months. I look forward to seeing everyone in July for our fishing outing, and then on the Pennypack for our work days. The summer will go by quickly as it always does, here's hoping everyone gets to wet their lines wherever their travels take them.


Mark Munn
June 19, 2002

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