Trout Unlimited Southeastern Montgomery County TU Chapter#468 in Pennsylvania

Some of our members in Lorimer Park near our Stream Improvement Project


stream assessment...

Pennypack Creek stream assessment with Mike Wilson, Karl Lutz(PaF&BC,Area Coordinator for Habitat Management)and others, Aug. 1999.


...before Hurricane Floyd, Aug. 1999.

Mike Wilson and Karl Lutz (PaFBC)

Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report

Update *** March, 2000 ***
Activity report - Trout stocking on the Pennypack Creek March 11, 2000. This was our second stocking on the Pennypack Creek. We are stocking one year old trout to see if they can survive and hold over from everything that the Pennypack water can throw at them. We know of several environmental factors like stress from the treated water from Hatboro, the high water temperatue and drought from last summer, the affects of Hurricane Floyd which washed tons of debris into the stream snd possibly washed the insect life away as well. We will be monitoring the waters for sign of survival.

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Update *** February, 2000 ***
Activity report - Fishing rod stringing for the Fishing Derby at Cheltenham Pond sponsored by the Cheltenham Rotary with our TU Chapter assistance.
During our regular Chapter meeting February 8, 2000 at the Pennypack Trust visitor's center, 21 members strung 105 2-piece bamboo rods with 9-foot nylon line with bobbers, sinkers and hooks. The project lasted 2 hours and everyone got a sense of accomplishment in refurbishing these rods for use by the local kids that participate in the Fishing derby. The fishing supplies were donated by Dicks Sporting Goods, 4640 Roosevelt Ave in Philadelphia (initiated by our member Denis Mora) for which our Chapter is greatful. Here's an example of a small donation going a long way to benefit youngsters in their initial introduction to fishing and to their physical environment in their neighborhood.
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Update -- January, 2000 --Chapter's Adapt-a-Stream Project / Stream restoration project

Link to our Pennypack Creek restoration project This is a Resource Project involving the protection/conservation of Trout in Pennypack Creek within Lorimer Park located in Montgomery County, PA.

Youth Fishing Derbies (RY)

For the past six years our TU Chapter has participated in a local fishing derby for children ages 5 - 16 years old.The derby is held at Alverthorpe Park, Abington, PA, sponsored by the Abington Township's Park and Recreation Department, on the annual free fishing day the first Saturday in June.

Last year we added a second fishing derby to our member participation, the Pennypack Creek in Bath Ayers, PA, sponsored by the Huntingdon Valley Southampton Rotary Club. The publicity and interest generated by our Chapter's participation in these two events has made the local area residences aware of our community involvement.

This year on June 5th we expanded our participation to include a third fishing derby located at Kleindienst Pond on Tookany Creek Parkway in Cheltenham, PA. This derby is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cheltenham.

Our Chapter's role in these Youth Fishing derbies is to assist the youngsters with rigging their rods, teaching them how to cast safely, and remove hooked fish. Sign up sheets were available at our May TU meeting, which resulted in twelve of our membership divided among the three derbies to the delight of the sponsors, the youngsters and their parents. We anticipate that our Chapter's involvement in these derbies could lead to the development of a chapter youth committee.

Chapter Picnic (RY)

For the 5th year we will hold our annual TU Chapter Picnic. The date this year is Saturday August 21st, from 12:00 noon at the picnic grove next to our meeting location at the Pennypack Restoration Trust. Our signup sheet is beginning to fill with TU members and their families at a charge of $5.00 per adult to help defer costs. No charge for children under 12.

Chapter membership (RY)

As a result of our activities during the current fiscal year, our membership continues to grow. We grew by 32% and attendance average for the first nine months of the TU year stands at 48%. We are an active growing Chapter and everyone involved is looking forward to a bigger and more active year for October 1999 thru September 2000. The Y2K bug won't bother Chapter 468 and its members.

(MW) = written by Mike Wilson
(RY) = written by Ray Young

The above information was sent to PA TROUT 6/17/99.

Photos from our Trout Unlimited Southeastern Montgomery County chapter's Adopt-A-Stream project on the Pennypack Creek in Lorimer Park, Oct. 31,1998.

Project manager, Mike Wilson
Yes...definite improvements can be made

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Photos from our TU chapter's trout stocking project on the Pennypack Creek, January 16,1999.

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