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a b c d These 4 photos show the optical fiber coupler (union) for coupling same diameter optical fibers. The blue fiber on left goes off to a TOF scintillator bar, the right fiber is from the reel whose other end is attached to one of the bifurcated larger diameter fibers as seen in images "l", "m" and "n".
e This is the reel of fiber optic cable Bill Carithers used for tests at Penn.
f These are parts left over from Bill Carithers test at Penn. These parts were included in the shipment to Fermilab on July 25, 2000.
g h This is the overall view of the Nitrogen pulse laser system at Penn. Here you can see the blue Faraday box (RF shielding -- the laser does produce a lot of electrical noise, which has to be electrically shielded), the bifurcated fiber assembly (custom build for us by Oriel), the pmt used for triggering and the reel of light fibers.
Bill Carithers assembled this laser calibration system at Penn and he should be contacted for specific details on this system.
i This is our Penn Nitrogen pulse laser sitting inside an aluminum RF-shielding box.

Information and specifications on this laser:

Stratford, CT 06497
Model SP79110-545, ser # 220, Mfd. 8/96
The contact person at Oriel is Domenic Assalone. Oriel Corp. is not selling this Nitrogen pulsed laser any more and Domenic has bought the rights and has been selling and servicing this model for the past year.

His company is called Laser Pulse LLC, (203) 576-0448, email;

Domenic says that we have the higher pressure Nitrogen laser, which we had recharged last year. Here are additional specs, which can also be found in the Oriel Instruments instruction manual on page 11 :
Wavelength 337.1 nm
Linewidth <0.1 nm
Pulsewidth 2 ns
Pulse energy (@ 10 Hz repetition rate) is 100 uJ (per Domenic), which is different from the manual
Pulse to pulse stability (@10 Hz repetition rate) is +/- 3%
Peak power is 200 kW
Maximun average power is 4 mW
Maximun repetition rate is 50 Hz
Pulse jitter is +/- 500 ps
Beam dimensions 1 mm X 2 mm
Beam divergence 1 mrad X 2 mrad
Tube life is > 10**8 pulses (we had this tube recharged July 1999)
Trigger in is TTL
Sync Out (into 50 ohm) is >/= 1 V
Typical trigger delay is 10 ms
Sync to laser pulse delay, tipical 60 ns

j k This is the exit port showing the end connector of the single fiber of the one-to-two fiber assembly
l m n These 3 images show the coupler used in coupling the larger diameter fiber bundle (one of the bifurcated fibers) to the smaller diameter blue fiber bundle that goes off to the TOF bars.
o p q These images show the trigger pmt, whose function is to provide the master trigger for the laser calibration. The other large diameter fiber bundle comes in directly to the pmt at the bottom.

July 26, 2000
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