Walter Kononenko

Research Specialist High Energy Physics, Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania

(215) 898-7572
(215) 898-8512 - office
(215) 573-7036 - lab
David Rittenhouse Lab room 1W23
University of Pennsylvania
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
209 S. 33rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Publications (from SLAC database)


Selected recent publications on line
  1. FRONT-END ELECTRONICS FOR THE CDF-II TIME-OF-FLIGHT SYSTEM. By C. Chen, M. Jones, W. Kononenko, J. Kroll, G.M. Mayers, F.M. Newcomer, R.G.C. Oldeman, D. Usynin, R. Van Berg (Pennsylvania U.),. 2003. 5pp. Published in IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci.50:2486-2490,2003
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  2. A TIME-OF-FLIGHT DETECTOR IN CDF-II. By CDF-II Collaboration (D. Acosta et al.). 2004. 4pp. Prepared for 9th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors: Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics, La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy, 25-31 May 2003. Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A518:605-608,2004
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  3. Photoemission from 511 KeV gamma rays incident on BaF2 and LaF3 crystals.W.Kononenko et al. NIM A 396 (1997) 172-180.

  4. Substrate studies of cesium-iodide photocathodes.W.Kononenko and N.S.Lockyer. NIM A 371 (1996) 143-146.

  5. Results from a 20 scintillator bar time-of-flight test system located inside the 1.4 CDF solenoid.F.Ukegawa et al., NIM A 439 (2000) 65-79.

  6. Design and Performance of a Portable Positron-Sensitive Surgical Probe.F. Liu et al., To be published in NIM (late 2000).

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