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The 2014 edition is now superseded by the Student Edition (2020). However, it is still available from the usual online sellers: ISBN:9780716798972. The current English edition began with the Fifth Printing (2014), which differs from the Fourth Printing by the inclusion of new molecular art by David Goodsell. Also all known errata from previous printings are fixed. It's now available via CourseSmart. The Contents and Prefaces are freely available here.
Fisica Biologica: Energia, informacion, vida (Espanol).
Sheng Wu Wu Li Xue: Neng Liang, Xing Xi, Sheng Ming (second ed.).
Fisica Biologica - Energia, Informacao, Vida (Portuguese)

Errata to the Eighth Printing are here (all are fixed in the Student Edition).

Excerpt from a review published in American Journal of Physics.
And another review published in Nature. Here's one published in Biomedical Computation Review

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