Biological Physics Student Edition, Errata

"If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by adequate error." --- John Kenneth Galbraith

For errata to the previous edition, see this page. All of those errata are fixed in the current Student Edition.


Page 21: Should read "If the axis label says rate, 1/s, and the tick marks are unequal, then we understand that a point aligned with the first tick after the one labeled 1000 represents a measured rate that, when divided by 1/(1s), yields the pure number 2000..."
Page 59 claims that "all somatic (non-germ) cells in your body have the same genome." Actually, exceptions include some cells in your immune system, which specialize for specific pathogens by mutation, then pass on their antibody type to their descendants.
Page 60 problem 2: The link to third-party viewers has changed to
Page 467 implies that Halobacterium salinarium is a bacterium. Despite its name, it is rather a member of the domain Archaea.


Page 148, problem 4.21: Because it's one-dimensional, should refer to Your Turn 4G (not Eqn 4.28). Also, part (b) concerns an perfectly absorbing wall (not an impenetrable wall).
Page 475, problem 11.10: (Although Mdr is a membrane protein, and therefore not uniformly distributed throughout the cell, we can still use the same approach with areal densities for Mdr and X.Mdr.)

Spelling etc.