Chiliagon Science

A publishing imprint with two textbooks on biological physics. Both are available in paperback from various online retailers (see the books’ web sites below).

US Bookstores and libraries can obtain these books from Ingram. Bookstores outside the US can open a free ipage account and then order through that ipage account.

Both books are also available in ultra-low-cost Kindle editions from Amazon.

Physical Models of Living Systems

Second Edition (2022)

Physical Models of Living Systems book cover
Superresolution micrograph of spectrin network inside a nerve axon, courtesy Mark Bates and Peter Ilgen. Inset from Laplace's 1812 article introducing the "Bayes" formula.

Biological Physics

Student Edition
(2020, second printing 2021)

Biological Physics book cover
Purkinje neuron (from K Svoboda, W Denk, W H Knox, and S Tsuda). Inset from Einstein’s 1905 paper on Brownian motion.