Biophysics Undergraduate Major

Course Requirements

Complete Course List Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics CoursesChemistry Courses

Math Courses Physics Courses

Course Requirements:

New course numbering appears in square brackets.

Biology 205[=2010] Cell Biology
and either Biology 204[=2810] Biological Chemistry
or Chemistry 251[=2510] Principles of Biological Chemistry

PHYSICS (5 c.u.)
Physics 150[=0150] or 170[=0170] Principles of Physics I. Mechanics and Wave Motion
Physics 151[=0151] or 171[=0171] Principles of Physics II. Electromagnetism and Radiation
Physics 361[=3361] Electromagnetism I. Electricity and Potential Theory
Physics 362[=3362] Electromagnetism II. Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations, and Electromagnetic Waves

CHEMISTRY (7 c.u.)
Chemistry 101[=1011] or 115[=1017] General Chemistry
Chemistry 102[=1021] or 116[=1027] General Chemistry II
Chemistry 053[=1101] General Chemistry Laboratory I
Chemistry 054[=1102] General Chemistry Laboratory II (CHEM245[=2450] may be substituted for 053/054, for students with departmental waiver or advanced placement credit in Chemistry)

Chemistry 221[=2210] and 222[=2220]
Physics 230[=1230] and 240[=1240]

Physical Chemistry or Heat/waves/quantum

Chemistry 241[=2410] Principles of Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 242[=2420] or243[=2425] Principles of Organic Chemistry

Mathematics 104[=1400] Calculus for the Natural Sciences, Part I
Mathematics 114 or 115 or 116[=1410, 1510, or 1610] Calculus, Part II
Mathematics 240 or 260[=2400 or 2600] Calculus, Part III
Mathematics 241[=2410] Calculus, Part IV

 Physics 280[=2280] Biological Physics
One credit unit of electives. Just a few examples:
Physics 529 Modern Optics
BE 480 Introduction to Medical Imaging
Chemistry 666 Biological Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Many other suitable options exist in SEAS and in the BMB and CAMB departments.

Independent Research Project:

  Though not a requirement of the major, participation in independent research project is strongly encouraged. Independent Study offers direct exposure to the discipline as well as laboratory experience. The Biophysics Program Director will help interested students find suitable laboratories in which to work. Alternately, students may contact directly any of the faculty in biophysics, including those listed at this website and the members of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Graduate Group, whose names can be found in the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Catalog.

Students with a GPA of 3.3 or more in major courses may use an independent research project to apply for honors. Please consult with the Program Director if you are interested in this program.

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