Biophysics Undergraduate Minor

Course Requirements

New course numbering appears in square brackets.

BIOLOGY (1 c.u.)
Biology 2010 Cell Biology

PHYSICS (3 c.u.)
Physics 0150 or 0170 Principles of Physics I. Mechanics and Wave Motion
Physics 0151 or 0171 Principles of Physics II. Electromagnetism and Radiation

CHEMISTRY (3 c.u.)
Chemistry 1012 or 1151 General Chemistry I
Chemistry 1022 or 1161 General Chemistry II
Chemistry 1101 General Chemistry Laboratory I
Chemistry 1102 General Chemistry Laboratory II (1CU of Organic lab 2441/2442/2451/2452 may be substituted, for students with departmental waiver or advanced placement credit in Chemistry.) (CHEM2411 and 2421 combine lab with lecture.)

Mathematics 1400 Calculus for the Natural Sciences, Part I
Mathematics 1410, 1510, 1610 Calculus, Part II
Mathematics 2400 or 2600 Calculus, Part III

Physics 2280 Physical Models of Biological Systems

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