Physics and Astronomy Course Syllabi

Note: These syllabi are provided only as a courtesy to those who are not enrolled in a course but wish to know the typical material covered in a semester.  Those who are enrolled in a particular course should use only the syllabus listed on the BlackBoard site or distributed by the instructor.  The only official syllabus is the one distributed by the instructor for your course.

Astro 001: astro syllabi_001.pdf

Phys 101:_F2012_ScheduleAssignments.pdf

Phys 102:P102 F12 Syllabus.pdf

Phys 140/150:Phys 140-150 syllabus.pdf

Phys 141/151: phys141-151_syllabus.pdf

Phys 170: phys_syllabi_170.pdfphys140-150_syllabus.pdf

Phys 171: phys_syllabi_171.pdf

Phys 240/150: phys_syllabi_240-250.pdf

Phys 280: phys_syllabi_280.pdf

Phys312/ENVS312: ENVS312_Syllabus_2013.pdf

Phys 351: phys_syllabi_351.pdf

Phys 401: phys_syllabi_401.pdf

Phys 411/511: phys_syllabi_411-511.pdf

Phys 412: phys_syllabi_412.pdf

Phys 500: phys_syllabi_500.pdf

Phys 516: phys_syllabi_516.pdf

Phys 518: phys_syllabi_518.pdf

Phys 530: phys_syllabi_530.pdf

Phys 531/532: phys_syllabi_531-532.pdf