Third Law: Pasco Dynamics Cart

The Pasco dynamics carts are an attractive option to the air track for many basic mechanics demonstrations. The equipment takes up less space and makes less noise. The small amount of friction makes it easier to keep target carts stationary before collisions.

To illustrate the Third Law, try one or more of the following:

  1. A single cart with a cocked spring plunger is placed in the middle of the track. The plunger is triggered, and the cart doesn't move.
  2. A cart with cocked plunger is placed against a second cart at the center of the track. The plunger is triggered against the second cart. Both carts fly apart.
  3. A single cart with a cocked plunger is placed at the end of the track, with the plunger against an end bumper. The plunger is triggered and the cart flies away from the bumper.