Astro Seminar: "Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for High Contrast Imaging"

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:00
Benjamin Mazin (UCSB)

Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors, or MKIDs, are superconducting detector arrays that can measure the energy and arrival time of individual optical through near-IR photons without read noise or dark current.  I will report on the promising commissioning and first science results of the first two MKID Integral Field Spectrographs (IFSs) for high contrast imaging, the DARKNESS/SDC instrument at Palomar and the MEC/SCExAO instrument on Subaru.  Future upgrades to integrate the MKID IFS as a focal plane wavefront sensor for implement active speckle nulling will be discussed, as well as the potential for these instruments on ELTs.   

David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4