Over the past several years, there have been significant investments in instrumentation for electron and ion microscopy in the Singh Center. I spoke to this group in the Fall of 2017, outlining what were then ‘plans forward’. This time, I would like to describe where we are, and how these capabilities can used for research in both hard and soft condensed matter. I will outline how various imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy capabilities available in the two JEOL scanning transmission electron microscopes can be used to provide truly atomic-scale characterization of the physical and electronic structure of hard condensed matter. I will place an emphasis on techniques for real time, in-situ studies and offer potential future developments to consider. With the addition of a new cryogenically cooled focused ion beam microscope and the full development of cryogenic electron microscopy in the facility, there are multiple new avenues for the characterization of soft matter that have yet to be developed. Penn students and faculty are uniquely positioned to take advantage of these facilities, prior to installations at competitive institutions world-wide. My hope is to spark new ideas, and to also describe how the community can make the very best use of these exciting new tools.