Department Colloquium: “A New Era of Science at Jefferson Lab”

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 16:00 - 17:00
Robert McKeown, Deputy Director for Science, JLAB
The continuous electron beam accelerator facility at Jefferson Lab, built with advanced superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) technology, provides opportunities to discover fundamental new aspects of the structure of visible matter – protons, neutrons and other states, and of the strong interaction, described by the gauge theory Quantum Chromodynamics.  The recent upgrade of the facility brings new opportunities, not only in the study of hadronic matter, but also in searches for new physics, such as a suite of experiments to search for massive “dark photons”.  This presentation will provide an overview of Jefferson Lab’s 12 GeV era science program and the outlook for a future Electron Ion Collider.

Host: Christopher Mauger

David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A8