Experimental Particle Physics Seminar: Production of High Transverse Momentum Vector Bosons Reconstructed as Single Jets and its Application to Search for NP at the

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 13:30
Chunhui Chen, Iowa State University


Highly boosted hadronically decaying particles have been widely used as a unique signature to search for NP at the LHC. In this talk, we present a measurement of the cross-section for high transverse momentum W and Z bosons produced in *pp* collisions and decaying to all-hadronic final states by ATLAS experiment. The measurement is performed by reconstructing boosted W or Z bosons in single jets. The reconstructed jet mass is used to identify the W and Z bosons, and a jet substructure method based on energy cluster information in the jet center-of-mass frame is used to suppress the large multi-jet background. In this talk, we will also discuss potential applications of the jet substructure in the jet rest frame in searches for NP at the LHC.


David Rittenhouse Laboratory 3W2