Past Events

  • Security and Donuts (and 2-Step enrollment)

    Physics Faculty Lounge

    Nick Salvatore, Chris Lake, and Shaheen Beg

    In observance of National CyberSecurity Awareness Month, Nick Salvatore, Chris Lake, and Shaheen Beg will be hosting an Information Security Outreach day next week. If you need help with setting up 2-Step Authentication, have questions about how secure your research data is, or if you just like donuts, stop by our event!

  • Special Soft Matter Seminar: "Physical interactions reduce the power of natural selection in growing yeast colonies"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3C2

    Andrea Giometto, Harvard University

    Microbial populations often assemble in dense populations in which proliferating individuals exert mechanical forces on the nearby cells.

  • Public Event on the evening of June 19 including programming in DRL and night sky observing on Shoemaker Green

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 209 S. 33rd Street

    The panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute

    • How do I become an astronomer?
    • What’s it like to be an astronomer?
    • How do astronomers study the early universe?

    The panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute, and will feature three Simons Observatory scientists who recently authored fascinating tales of our universe and their journeys to understand it!

  • Elon Musk Public Lecture: "Will Evolution and Information Theory Provide the Fundamentals of Physics?"

    Meyerson Hall, B1 (210 S. 34th Street)

    Sylvester James Gates, Jr. (Brown)

    Join us for an evening with theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates, Jr., as he talks about how the mathematical and theoretical aspects of his physics research have traversed concept spaces from equations to graphical imagery to coding theory error-correction, and how it points towards evidence that an evolution-like process may have acted on the mathematical laws that describe reality.

  • Math/Phys Joint Seminar: "Progress Toward A Mathematically Rigorous Space-time SUSY Representation Theory"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4C2

    Sylvester James Gates, Jr. (Brown University)

    While a fundamental representation theory for compact Lie algebras was settled by the work of Cartan (i.e. weights and roots), no analogous conceptual structure exists for space-time supersymmetry algebras.  Progress in this direction based on the graph theory concept of "adinkras" will be presented in this talk.


    David Rittenhouse Laboratory, Room A8

    Procotor will be on site