Past Events

  • Teaching Careers in Independent Schools Penn Event

    University of Pennsylvania: Claudia Cohen Hall, Terrace Room

    Dana Okeson Weeks, Head of School, Germantown Friends (Villanova MA in Philosophy) · Donna S. Lindner, Director of Lower School, The Agnes Irwin School (Penn MS in Education, Reading/Writing/Literacy) · Grant Calder, Director of College Counseling and Upper School History Teacher, Friends’ Central School (Penn MA in German Language and Literature) · Marina Byrne-Folan, 10th Grade Dean and Mathematics Teacher, The Shipley School (Penn MS in Urban Education) · Helena Antolin Cochrane, Upper School World Languages, The Episcopal Academy (Penn PhD in Spanish Language and Literature)

    Career Services is hosting this event that will be of particular interest to Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows wanting to learn more on non-faculty career opportunities.

  • Nano to Macro: Music of Kirigami

    Neighborhood House Theater 20 N. American Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

    Dr. Randall Kamien, Dr. Shu Yang, and Jenny Sabin (University of Pennsylvania) featuring Composer and Director Gene Coleman & Ensemble N_JP with special guest Duo Yumeno

    Hosted by Bowerbird and Soundfield are pleased to present the world premiere of three new works by composer and director Gene Coleman.

  • Dissertation Defense: "Polarization and its Discontents: How Polarized Foregrounds Affect 21cm Epoch of Reionization Measurements"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory 3N6

    David Moore

  • Condensed Matter Seminar: Design of Biotic-Abiotic Interfaces using Liquid Crystals


    Professor Nicholas Abbott, University of Wisconsin

    Many biological molecules form liquid crystalline phases.  The unique combination of long-range molecular ordering and mobility found in liquid crystals has been exploited by nature to create a range of functional and living systems.  We are pursuing studies that seek to create synthetic liquid crystalline materials that recapitulate biological design principles and can be used to couple biotic and abiotic systems in useful ways.

  • Astronomy Seminar: TBD

    DRL A6

    Matt Dobbs (McGill)

  • Dissertation Defense: "Neutron Multiplicity in Atmospheric Neutrino Events at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory 4E9

    Richie Bonventre

  • Center for Particle Cosmology Astro Seminar: "Stalking Dark Energy and the Mystery of the Accelerating Universe"

    University of Pennsylvania Chemistry Building Room 102

    Professor Saul Perlmutter, Lawrence Berkely National Lab, Berkeley

    "...How was the discovery made? What has been the progress since, in understanding dark energy and the accelerating universe?"

    Nobel laureate will discuss these questions and more!

    For more information and details, please visit


    *No registration required*

  • Condensed Matter Seminar: Microfluidic Pathways towards Topological Defect Templates


    Professor Anupam Sengupta, MIT

    Liquid crystals (LCs) are mesogenic phases of matter which combine liquid fluidity with crystalline solid properties.The material anisotropy allows us to explore LCs as complex functional materials for microfluidics. Harnessing the anisotropic coupling between the flow and the molecular ordering renders a novel perspective to the conventional concepts in microfluidics.

  • Astronomy Seminar: TBD

    DRL A6

    Andreu Font-Ribera (LBNL)

  • Experimental Particle Physics Seminar: Detecting Cosmic Neutrinos with Ice Cube at the Earth's South Pole

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory 3W2

    Naoko Kurahashi Neilson, Drexel