Special Astro Seminar: Magneto Is Not A Hero: "The Galactic Magnetic Field and the Formation of Density Structures in the Interstellar Medium as Revealed by Planck"

Tue, 05/26/2015 - 14:00
Juan Diego Soler (IAS)

Planck has produced the first all-sky map of the polarized emission from dust at submillimeter wavelengths. Compared with earlier ground-based and balloon-borne observations this survey is an immense step forward in sensitivity, coverage, and statistics. It provides new insight into the structure of the Galactic magnetic field, as well as the first statistical characterization of one of the main foregrounds to CMB polarization.
I will summarize the main results from the data analysis by the Planck Consortium, particularly focusing on the correlation between the magnetic field and the column density structures and its relation with the observed ratio between the amplitudes of the Galactic E- and B-modes.

David Rittenhouse Laboratory Room 4E19