Rahul Chacko

Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar

Rahul’s primary mentor is Prof. Andrea Liu. He is supported by the Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Problem [https://scglass.uchicago.edu] (hence affiliated to the JFI, UChicago) and works jointly with Prof. Liu and three other mentors, Prof. David Reichmann (Chemistry, Columbia), Prof. Giulio Biroli (Physics, ENS) and Prof. Olivier Dauchot (Gulliver, ESPCI).


Rahul holds a PhD in Physics from Durham University (2019).

Research Interests

I am studying the dynamics of avalanches of local structural reorganisation events in supercooled liquids. By studying a model system in regimes ranging from mildly to deeply supercooled, I hope to understand how these dynamics evolve with temperature, aided by a machine-learned toolsoftnessdeveloped here in Prof. Liu's group.