The Physics and Astronomy Club

Welcome to the Penn Physics and Astronomy Club!

The primary goal of the Penn Physics Club is to incite and foster interest in the study and practice of Physics. Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Physics and Astronomy, the club hopes to promote and broaden the undergraduate experience in physics and astronomy as well as in related fields. In doing so, the Penn Physics Club lends itself to advocating interaction between the department and its students in order to expose the latter to the wonderful and exciting opportunities available through the study and practice of physics and astronomy.

In the Spring of 2012 we initiated  regular get-togethers of students interested in Physics and Astronomy. Of course, that included all Physics & Astronomy majors, but also others that would like to participate in meetings to build professional and social connections, and to discuss topics related to physics and astronomy. These meetings effectively functioned as a part of Penn Physics Club activities. This year we plan to organize a number of lectures by Penn Faculty and Visiting Scholars on topics related to current cutting edge research in their respective fields.

We do hope you will be able to come to start the new session of get-togethers!


To be announced.


For more information about the Penn Physics Club or to join please email us at: