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Society of Physics Students (SPS)
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Society of Physics Students at the University of Pennsylvania, founded in 2015, is an academic group that strives to create a community among all undergraduate physics students by providing resources and opportunities in academic and social settings. We foster a physics community by hosting events like dinners, study breaks, observatory nights, and movie nights, and we help bolster students' academic prowess by hosting seminars with professors, public lectures, internship panels, course advising sessions, and more.

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Women in Physics Club

Founded in 2013, the Women in Physics Club at Penn aims to advance women in the scholarly and professional pursuit of Physics and related scientific fields. We connect undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and industry professionals in a supportive community based on honesty, fellowship, and mentorship. We host social events, provide reimbursement for students to attend the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, and host an annual public lecture featuring a celebrated female physicist.

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